Female Cat in Heat and how to cope?

Posted on December 12 2018

Female Cat in Heat and how to cope?

The behavior of a cat varies enormously during heat. This is the case for a male, even more for a female. If they are not castrated and sterilized, then males and females will take advantage of these periods to get closer, seek, mark, copulate and, these, fertilize. It all starts with the heat in your pussy. When does she appear? Starting at what age ? How long does it last? Can you stop it?

When do heat begin?

Heat starts when your cat has reached sexual maturity , usually between the sixth and ninth months. Nevertheless, this age can fluctuate according to the races. Thus, Persians tend to have heat later, unlike early breeds such as Siamese or Burmese.

Periods of heat

As you enter her period of warmth , your cat will need special attention . This is also the case for your male, if you have one, although he can be rutted all year round.

The periods of heat are influenced by daylight. In fact, in the southern hemisphere, these periods begin when the days begin to lengthen, until the end of winter. Conversely, in the northern hemisphere, and therefore in France, the periods generally begin around February and extend until September . They cover the end of winter, spring and summer in their entirety. The particularities exist , especially in interiors females who have the same brightness throughout the year . As a result, these periods can last 365 days.

To understand the phenomenon of heat , it should be known that in the cat, the reproductive cycle is actually called the oestrous cycle , composed of estrus , the period of heat , and diestrus , that is to say the period of inactivity.

The duration of heat

This oestrus cycle is characterized by a change in behavior of your cat (see below). It is a reproductive cycle that returns every 18 to 24 days, or between two weeks and a half to 3 weeks and lasts an average of 4 to 10 days . If there is no fertilization , cycles repeat themselves tirelessly. This causes frustrations for your cat. The physical signs of such a cycle are not necessarily seen, since there is no uterine bleeding as is the case in women.

The oestrodiol , a hormone produced by the ovarian follicles , is produced in large numbers during the period of estrus , but reduces itself without fertilization , to return to the attack a few weeks later.

The signs of a cat in heat

Do not worry, you'll quickly recognize the heat of your pussy . It exhibits abnormal behavior , or at least modified from what you can usually know.

In addition, your cat needs attention , more than usual. Your cat is more sensitive , more affectionate and will ask for hugs, tenderness on your part. His behavior will appear more agitated. Her position could change and she could pick up her ass more often as if to show that she is open to copulation .

For the noisiest breeds , they do not hesitate to meow continuously , enough to give some headaches to you, owner. To that, you will also add frequent purring. This language is also their way of attracting males , to make them understand that they are receptive.

Finally, your cat will not hesitate to roll on the ground , to rub his head , especially against your legs, against each soft surface.

What should you do ?

Owner of a pussy in heat, you will have to be available, tender, loving . You must not reject your animal, otherwise it will be annoying, annoying and frustrating . You must occupy it, play with it , although your mind is not inclined to such games. Try to tire her with physical games , where your cat will have to jump, run . Never let your cat leave your home, under penalty of being harassed by males. After, if you want a litter or 2 per year , you can put it in contact with a male.

And in males?

If you have several male cats , they will fight each other when they recognize a female in heat . Some injuries are not uncommon . It is therefore necessary to separate them, otherwise the felines will spread a plethora of diseases , including the FIV virus . The male is always in heat, and especially when he feels that a female is in heat.

What to do to fight against heat?

heat is an often frustrating time for a female, especially if she can not mate . So, you have several remedies . The first is to have him take a pill prescribed by your veterinarian to interrupt his cycle. There is also chemical sterilization . To be more radical , you can resort to the final sterilization , with the removal of the ovaries or even the uterus . She will not be able to have heat anymore and will never be pregnant . You will cancel hisbehavior especially during a good part of the year, and reduce his frustration as well as his desire.

In summary

Your cat can go into heat for about 6 months, from February to September in the northern hemisphere, 4 to 10 days every 3 weeks or so. During these periods of heat , his behavior changes dramatically . She will make her vocalises , will be more active , more tender and sensitive , sometimes more aggressive. In order to overcome these behaviors and periods, some solutions are available to you: a pill interrupting its cycles, chemical sterilization or final sterilization , with removal of the ovaries and uterus . A radical choice.

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