Flea treatment in dogs

Posted on October 07 2018

Flea treatment in dogs

For your dog, fleas are the most common pests, and they could ruin his life. They can cause it sometimes severe itching and even allergic reactions. So, how to prevent this infection? How to detect it and / or get rid of it?

You should know that the adult flea feeds on your dog. By pricking the dog, the insect feeds on its blood . The symptoms are then felt: your dog nibbles, scratches and blood. These are the first itches that rage on your companion's skin.

For information, female fleas can lay up to 40 eggs each day (half a millimeter long). These eggs laid on your pet fall directly on your floor (floor, carpet, etc.) or even your bedding.

Then they hatch in the form of larvae over a period of between 1 and 10 days until they reach their adult size to pull up on your dog's skin. It is therefore a vicious circle and can be endless if the problem is not dealt with at the root.

In addition, allergies are indicated by the saliva transmitted by fleas when they feed on your dog's blood.

How to diagnose the presence of fleas on your dog?

Initially, fleas are hard to find because they move quickly in your pet's coat. There are some warning signs, such as:
  • constant itching
  • irritated skin or redness
  • of biting on the hindquarters

You can also pass a fine comb to distinguish adult fleas on short-haired dogs.

Otherwise, there is an unstoppable solution. Just look at your companion's skin, especially near his tail. If infected, you will notice small clusters of black faeces . This is the excrement of fleas. To be sure, put them in water or on a white handkerchief, the blood they contain will color the water in pink or the handkerchief in red.

How to treat fleas ?

No natural product can treat or protect dogs from fleas.

However, there are many products to fight the infection depending on the degree of severity.  

For low infections , there are bombs (aerosols, sprays) in local treatment or tablets available in pet shops. Some medications are only available from your veterinarian and are only used if conventional products are not effective.

For generalized infections , infallible and complete products are those that contain one molecule killing adult fleas and another that prevents eggs / larvae and pupae from developing in their adult form.

Finally, for optimal results, consider treating your home and not just your pet. The flea eggs can survive very long in your carpets, your floor vents. It will also clean the basket of the dog who can also be infested with a big blow of vacuum cleaner.

However, be sure to relapse and ask your veterinarian for a personalized solution.

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