Hairballs in cats: causes, consequences and solutions

Posted on December 13 2018

Hairballs in cats: causes, consequences and solutions

Your cat may be vomiting. They worry you. This may be the sign of hairballs in your cat. What is it ? How does this phenomenon win your cat? How to fix it and cure it? We answer these questions and we help you to see more clearly.

What is a ball of hair?

A ball of hair or trichobézoard , comes from the toilet of your cat. When the latter licks his entire body, it happens very frequently that the latter swallows some hair. These hairs are either spit out or swallowed and expelled into the stool. No worries on this side.

It happens, however, that the size of these hairs prevents your cat from swallowing and regurgitating them. In this case, it gets stuck at the level of its digestive tract . With the arrival of other hairs, it forms a ball that turns out to be very dangerous for the health of your pet. This is an emergency.

The risks of a ball of hair?

A single ball of hair is not so dangerous as that. The problem comes from repeated training of these balls, or the accumulation of several within the digestive tract of the animal. By force, they can block it, causing bowel obstruction . The veterinarian, consulted in an emergency, can try to help unblock the transit through a lubricant. If he does not work, he will have no choice but to perform surgery.

What symptoms?

In the case of bowel obstruction caused by hairballs, your cat will be subject to repeated vomiting . He may have diarrhea or constipation , no longer eat and therefore become anorexic , or have swelling in the abdomen.

Are there any cats at risk?

The longer the cat is , the more likely he is to develop hairballs during his life. All the more as you get older. Because when a cat gets older , his digestive system works less well. We must therefore pay particular attention to this.

How to prevent them?

There is especially a period when your cat is more likely to develop these balls of hair: moulting . In this case, you must brush your cat daily to remove dead hair and avoid ingesting it. In any case, regular brushing is recommended throughout the year.

There are also specific croquettes to eliminate hairballs. It can be found in pet stores or specialty stores.

In summary

The longer your cat has a long hair, the older he gets, the more likely he is to develop hairballs. One is not necessarily dangerous. Many can cause bowel obstruction. Your cat will present with the choice of diarrhea, constipations, vomiting, anorexia. Only a quick response from your veterinarian can save his life. Or by the administration, successfully, of a lubricant. Or by surgery.

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