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Health Tips For Dogs in the spring

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Posted on July 15 2018

We are now at the beginning of spring and, although it is not hot yet, I am sure we all look forward to that warmth that characterizes spring.

Spring brings many changes in nature, and also in your puppy.

That's why I want to share some tips of health in spring to apply with their hair.

• Patitas : Naturally, there is an increase in the temperature of the environment, which is reflected in the temperature of the surfaces that our peluditos tread. Therefore, we recommend using socks or boots that help protect your legs from heat.

• Fleas and ticks : Fleas and ticks are more common when spring starts, so we recommend you keep an eye on your puppy's skin and hair. Although these animals usually lodge in the head, ears, neck, chest and front legs, you can find them anywhere on your dog's body.

• Vaccinations : This is an excellent season to check your dog's vaccines. The heat makes some diseases and infections more prone, such as parvovirus. The best thing is that you go with your veterinarian and check that your peludito has all its vaccines.

• Allergies : Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from allergies. These can be caused by dust, pollen, new growing plants or dandelions. There are medications to control allergies but it is very important that they are prescribed only by the veterinarian.

• Brushing : Your dog's hair will also suffer changes with the change of season. This is because their hair becomes thinner than in winter to adapt to the temperature that usually is in spring. We recommend that you use special brushes to avoid knots that later hurt you.

It is also advisable to keep an eye on the amount of water your hairy drink so that it is not dehydrated.

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