How can I feed several dogs at the same time?

Posted on April 19 2018

How can I feed several dogs at the same time?

In a family with several dogs it is usually convenient for the owners to leave them a plate (or several) with food all day and when it is empty fill it and that the dogs eat when they are hungry. This is a bad practice.

When dogs have food available all day, you will have no idea how much you ate, if you are eating more or less than your share, you will not form habits and your schedules to defecate will be unstable. In addition, positive training will be very difficult, since food will not be a valuable prize because it is available at all times, so you will not need to work for it.

It is very nice to see that the dogs of the same house can eat from the same dish without fighting, but we return to the inconvenience of not knowing how much each one ate.

Thus, the following recommendations are for the purpose of taking advantage of the time of the meal as a time of training and coexistence between the dog and its owner and if there are several dogs, also a self-control training and limits to respect the other's plate dog.

First, you have to teach the dog how to sit and remain seated until the plate is on the floor, watch video and practice with each dog separately.

Once the different dogs have learned to wait to eat, we can do it with several dogs at the same time each one knows where their dish will be because it has already been practiced and they wait for the indication to go to their plate. You should have patience during the training process and practice many times, you can see part of the process .

If you have a dog that eats faster than the other and at the end wants to go and look for food on someone else's plate, you can use the interactive feeder options or the dishes so that you eat more slowly.

Finally, we recommend using the meal time to train other things with your dog, in addition to the instructions for sitting and standing, you can caress while eating and add more food to your plate to encourage tolerance and avoid possessive behavior with the dish of food, watch this video.

Enjoy the training!

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