How do dogs better summer, teach you a few tricks.

Posted on June 05 2019

How do dogs better summer, teach you a few tricks.

In the very hot summer, it is the most troublesome season for both the owner and the dog.
There is no sweat gland in the dog’s skin. Especially for some long-haired breeds, the long hair itself is used to store heat. In the summer, the dog emits a lot of heat through the tongue, which is very likely to cause heat stroke and easily cause other problems.

1, heat stroke

When you are at home, you can prepare an ice pad for the dog. When there is no air conditioner, the dog will not have heat stroke. When we go out to walk the dog, we try to choose a cooler period in the morning and evening, and we must bring the dog a glass of water when going out. When a dog is extremely anxious, gasping, his tongue has been drooling, his breathing is speeding up, and his body is full of fever, your dog is likely to have heat stroke. At this time, what the owner can do is bring it to the cool area, give it plenty of water, or drip the water on the dog to help it cool down. If it still doesn’t improve, you need to send it to the pet hospital as soon as possible.

2, skin disease

Summer is a very serious season for mosquito bites. When walking a dog, it is easy to bring home with various insects, such as fleas and mites. In particular, dogs that have been cut by hair are more susceptible to mosquito bites and bacteria. We can’t stop the dog from playing outdoors, so the owner’s best way is to help the dog clean up the foreign body before entering the house; to develop the habit of washing feet or taking a bath immediately, and to prepare some dog-specific insecticide soap at home.

3, feeling cold

Between the switching between the air-conditioned house and the outdoor, alternating hot and cold, it is easy to cause a dog to catch a cold. When taking the dog out, let the dog adapt to the outside temperature and turn off the air conditioner. This can effectively prevent the dog from catching a cold due to alternating hot and cold. When the dog has a loss of appetite, listlessness, and hot nose, then your dog may have a cold. If conditions permit, he will be sent to the doctor in time. If the symptoms are early, the owner can give the dog a small amount of cold granules. Slightly smaller than the child’s dose.

4, gastrointestinal disease

Due to the hot weather, the dog food or water placed outside is prone to deterioration. If the dog eats spoiled food, it is easy to cause vomiting or gastroenteritis. Therefore, we must pay attention to the preservation time when choosing dog food for dogs. For example, if you buy a single-case package, you can avoid the dog’s discomfort caused by food deterioration. When the dog gives continuous vomiting or diarrhea, the Lord should promptly seek medical attention.
In addition, hot and humid weather is also likely to cause loss of appetite and even vomiting. At this time, there is no need for medical treatment. The owner can slightly reduce the dog’s food, or be hungry and hungry. The dog himself will be fine.

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