How do I make dog bring me the toys?

Posted on April 20 2018

How do I make dog bring me the toys?
An excellent way to tire your dog is to play with a ball or some other toy to throw ... but your dog is one of those that as soon as it grabs the toy takes it and wants you to pursue it? It is a bad idea to give in to this, most dogs love to play for you to chase them, but you will never reach them, you will get tired first. Following the game of chasing him is a bad idea.

So how do I make dog bring me the toys?

First, identify which is the toy you like the most and get another one, what you will do is change one for the other, start by simply throwing it a few inches away from you, your dog will look for the toy, take it and start to bite it or will take, immediately take out the other and start playing with it, you see that you have fun with that toy in motion, it is likely that you will call attention to the toy in motion and approach you, then take the toy that already He abandoned and released the second toy. Each time you can throw it a little further because your dog will understand that the fun is to take it for you to activate the movement of the toy.

Something important, those toys will be yours and you will lend them exclusively when they play together, that way the toy will have more value, if you always have it at your fingertips then it will not call you so much attention.

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