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How do you make your dog understand his name?

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Posted on May 01 2018

Choosing the name of the dog is usually a task that the family enjoys and they select one that everyone likes, they start calling the dog using that name and surprise! the dog seems not interested in responding to his name.

Tips to get it to respond to your name:

  • When your dog is hungry, take some delicious prizes,sit in front of your dog, say his name and give him a prize, again, say his name and give him a prize. Repeat it several times, several days
  • When you say your name and your dog turns or goes where you are, ALWAYS receive it warmly, the best you can do is respond when you say your name
  • When you should call her attention because she is doing something she should not, never use her name
  • When doing training practices, avoid putting the name of the dog before all obedience instructions (avoid saying "Max, sit," "Max, down")
  • When you are walking your dog and he is distracted, make a sound to call him (a sound without meaning), when your dog turns around, then say his name and give him a prize
Why these tips?
  • We look for the dog to relate his name to something good, that when he hears his name, turn happily to where you are
  • If you use his name to scold him, your dog will relate his name to scolding and will not go when you call him, on the contrary, he will go away from you
  • If you use his name before all the instructions, you will be using too much the name of the dog, you will spend his name, he will lose meaning and also, when you say only SIT the dog will not understand

Enjoy the training and make your dog enjoy it too.

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