How is mating done in your cats?

Posted on December 12 2018

How is mating done in your cats?

Sexuality is essential for all species living on this planet. It allows to satisfy impulses, to satisfy attractions, but also and especially to give life, to fertilize. Your cat, male or female, may experience this or these pleasures during his life. To better understand this moment, by far, and not be refractory to this, we explain how and when it happens.

A coupling leads, most of the time, a protrusion in your cat. If you do not want to have kittens, or if you do not have room to keep them, to grow them, it is better to sterilize your cat, or your cat, from the age of 6 months . This will avoid any unpleasant surprises. Because beyond the mere mating, it is your whole home that could be questioned.

From when?

Sexuality, in your cat or cat, starts from puberty . This usually starts around the eighth month . The sexual organs become mature and your cat (or cat) can then mate.

However, if your male cat can mate all year, and have a constant desire, this is not the case of the female. The latter sees his desire vary according to his heat . The heat season often takes place between February and September . It is during this period, several cycles of heat succeed each 3 weeks approximatelyand last on average a fortnight . It is at this moment that she is the most receptive.

How do you notice a cat in heat?

At first, your cat will appear more agitated . She will not hesitate to rub her head on all the surfaces she finds on her way. It will also eat a little less and it will mark more its territory . In addition, your cat will be more talkative and will take the position of mating. It is not that she is already receptive, but she is preparing to be.

How is the mating?

Mating is almost always in the male's territory . It takes place when the female has chosen her male. The latter sniffs his companion and overlaps by biting her skin a little at the neck. The female is in a position of acceptance : front legs down, belly on the ground and taut hind legs.

Penetration lasts an average of a few seconds , never more. Once the projection is complete, the cat emerges, usually uttering a cry. However, a single copulation is not usually enough for your cat to become fertile. He needs several projections, interspersed each time with "refractory" periods. This is much shorter in the male than in the female.

It follows a gestation

The coupling is already finished. This period lasted an average of a few days, during the heat of the pussy. If there have been several protrusions, there is a high risk of pregnancy . This lasts an average of sixty days . At one third of pregnancy, it is possible to perform an abdominal ultrasound . Then, to two-thirds, the expected number of kittens becomes more concrete, because the fetuses have separated.

Meanwhile, your cat will see his mood change , a bit like a human. She will gain weight quite easily. His appetite will especially open after the fortieth day. However, she will not eat much at once, but throughout the day. He will need food continuously to satisfy her. Avoid, in any case, to carry it in your arms. This will compress her belly.

In summary

Copulation (or mating) follows an undisputed logic in your cat or cat. The male can copulate throughout the year, even if his desire is exacerbated in the spring. The cat, however, experiences periods of heat between February and September. These periods last a fortnight then every 3 weeks. It will take several projections to ovulate and thus enter into gestation.

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