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How much does a dog cost?

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Posted on October 06 2018

After the purchase price of the dog, other expenses, current this time, are expected throughout the life of our pet.

Buy, adopt a dog and offer him the opportunity to live in good conditions , it has a cost. The purchase price is, in fact, only the "investment" of departure. Many large expenses are expected daily and the annual budget can vary under the influence of several factors .

The size of the animal, its breed, its origin, its state of health and its specific needs form part of this data, which determines the volume of the expenses to be devoted to it regularly. Before adopting or acquiring a dog, all these criteria must be taken into account in order to see whether or not your pet can be allowed to live decently according to his income.

The purchase price

When we are about to buy or adopt a dog, of course we immediately think of the amount we will pay at the time of acquisition. This amount will depend on various factors, such as the origins and provenance of the animal, as well as its breed .

For example, you can choose to adopt a dog near a shelter . Such an operation is not free, but it costs less than in a farm or in a private home. The applicant for adoption must pay a contribution to the host organization that allows the latter to cover part of its current operating expenses. This contribution is between 150 and 200 euros , depending on the age and sex of the dog.

The purchase of a dog of common race (Labrador, Boxer, etc.) costs a little more expensive, between 200 and 500 euros . Prices are generally higher when it comes to puppy , especially those of breed.

The quality of ancestry , the history of the parents (if they have won competitions or awards, for example) and the reputation of breeding also raise the cost of the purchase. If the dog is registered in the LOF and if it is very rare, the price can sometimes reach the 2000 euros.

Useful accessories everyday

After the "market value" of the dog comes the expenses related to the purchase of the equipment that the dog will need on a daily basis.

If the dog is called to live in a niche outside, count between 100 and 200 euros depending on the model. The more do-it-yourselfers can make it themselves, but make sure that the niche is raised, waterproof, insulated and spacious enough for the animal.

If he lives inside, the dog must have:

  • a comfortable and good bed . It can be a large basket (a hundred euros) or a small basket (from 30 euros), depending on the size of the animal.
The dog also needs:
  • a bowl for his meals: you can either buy one (15 to 25 euros) or allocate a container. It must be deep enough and flared to contain the necessary amount of food and facilitate access to the dog.
  • several toys to have fun and a chewing bone for tooth changes in puppies from 4 to 7 months old. The toys cost about ten euros and the bone around 3 euros.
For the maintenance :

the brush is an indispensable tool. Count, again, 10 euros on average. As for the special dog shampoo, it is priced around 7 euros.
the necklace and the  leash cost about thirty euros, while the muzzle , mandatory for dogs classified in categories 1 and 2 (American Staffordshire Terrier, Pitbull , Tosa, Rottweiler ...), costs between 5 and 20 euros.

Food expenses

Some teachers opt for a home diet for their dogs, while others prefer to turn to industrial products (croquettes, boxes ...).
A home-cooked diet consists of one-third of rice or pasta, a third of vegetables and a third of meat. For the proportions, count about 30 grams per kilo (of the dog's weight) for each of these ingredients.
As far as industrial food is concerned, prices vary according to the quality of the product. Of kibble Premium type, for example, cost between 15 and 40 euros per month.

Expenses related to care

The  veterinary costs  will be provided throughout the life of the dog and it DISCLAIMERS be numerous and quite expensive:
  • if it is a puppy that has not yet been identified, it will be necessary to make him ask a chip to 70 euros. The tattoo , he costs a bit cheaper (60 euros).
  • the vaccines (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis, rabies) amount to 140 euros, because 2 injections are to be made the first year.
  • the castration (200 euros)
  • the sterilization (300 euros) are optional, but help to avoid many inconveniences associated with heat.
  • the use of dewormer (7 euros) helps prevent the development of worms in the digestive system of the dog.
Older dogs also need scaling (between 50 and 70 euros). The possible veterinary consultations for various diseases are charged between 50 and 200 euros depending on the care administered. Some of these expenses may, however, be covered by an insurance or a mutual .

To summarize, the annual budget for a dog is in a range of 5 00 to 2000 euros  (indicative).

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