How often should I wash my dog's bed?

Posted on April 07 2018

How often should I wash my dog's bed?

If your dog already has some time with your bed and you have not washed it, it is very normal that you not only see it dirty but that it starts to smell badly.

This is not because your dog is a pig, but, as with our sheets and blankets, it must be washed every so often to keep it free from bad smells, dirt and hair.

At a minimum, you should wash your dog's bed every month , but there are those who prefer to do it twice a month and even every week.

Actually it is an act of observation (and also perception of aromas), because only you know when your dog's bed begins to become a mountain of dust, hair and garbage or when it starts to "smell ugly."

A tip if you do not want to wash the bed so often is to vacuum it once a week and so you can only wash it once a month.

Also take into account that if you have an older dog that suffers from incontinence, it is possible that you will have accidents and pee in bed, so you will have to be even more aware to know when to wash it.

A great advice to make this cleaning process easier is that when choosing a dog bed you notice that it has certain characteristics that will make your life easier:

Outer cover with closure (for easy washing).
Waterproof interior cover (will prevent water, saliva or pee from reaching the inside of the bed).
That the material with which it is made is suitable for washing machine and dryer.

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