How to approach an unknown dog?

Posted on May 02 2018

How to approach an unknown dog?

It is very common to visit a friend, uncle, aunt, etc, and find a new member of the family living in the house. This little four-legged being waits attentively to firstly get close to smelling this new person in his life. Most of the time what we would do any of us, is to approach the dog and tell him that nice dog while we caress him and we speak to him with a tender voice.

We might think we're doing the right thing, but it's not like that. The dog is going through a moment of uncertainty to know that someone strange entered their territory. What comes here is to wait for him to approach and smell us without looking into his eyes. Keep calm that this is the protocol between dogs to be welcomed. Let him smell it and if he wants attention from you, then he will ask for it with a jump, licking a hand, etc.

We leave you a very useful poster that Lily made of doggiedrawings that illustrates what we should NOT do when we meet a dog.

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