How to bathe your dog

Posted on April 18 2018

How to bathe your dog

Bathing the dog has its secrets and a certain order, given that you have to use a suitable soap and also, the experience has to be positive for the pet. Therefore, below you will know everything you have to do to make your pet's bath a success.

Be affectionate with the pet

When the dog gets used to the baths, the process will be much more pleasant for him and therefore the first time he takes a bath will have to reassure him, giving him soft caresses and nice words. The first contact with soap and water should be totally pleasant.

Prepare the animal for grooming

Warm up the atmosphere with a lot of love so that you face this process in the best possible way and do not feel it as an obligation or traumatize it. Before starting the bath, I recommend brushing it to untangle and remove the coat.

Medium-haired dogs should be brushed at least twice a week, while long-haired dogs should be brushed once a day so that no knots are formed on the fur.

Decide the right place for the dog to bathe

Use a good size bathtub to make your dog comfortable. It controls the temperature of the water and tries to make it warm, approximately 39º C. For many dogs, the first moment of grooming is not too attractive and the animal will probably be nervous and want to flee.

Keep in mind that the temperature of the pet is two degrees more than the body temperature that people have, so try to touch the water to know if it is very cold or very hot.

How to start?

Moisten a cloth with water and a small amount of soap to gently rub the face of the animal and the outer part of the ears. Once finished this step, pass a towel moistened with water until you remove all the soap from the head.

On the back and back of the dog put a small amount of shampoo and massage gently on the animal's rib cage, belly, hands and legs. Wash with plenty of water to remove excess product and your pet will begin to shake to remove moisture from your body.

Dry with a towel and brush it to finish.

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