How to best manage the birth of kittens?

Posted on December 12 2018

How to best manage the birth of kittens?

It's a magical moment to see kittens born. Your cat is ready to put down. This moment is unforgettable and must remain so for the right reasons. So, for all to go well, here are some tips. They will allow you to live as best as possible this event, as important for you as for your protect.

How is a put in a pussy done? Can she experience difficulties? Which ones? Is there any special treatment for newborns? How are we preparing this particular event? We answer your questions. In all cases, you must install your cat in a quiet place, find you ready to intervene at the slightest problem or be ready to join your veterinarian.

Prepare for the birth

For there to be childbirth, there must be work . It usually starts at 65th day of gestation of your cat, which can go up to 70 after mating. In all cases, it is advisable to prepare farrowing your pet to the 50th day after mating. How? By preparing a special box with larger dimensions (80-90 cm wide and 45 cm high). This will allow the future mother to have a nice, soft, comfortable and reassuring corner . Above all, you must place this crate in a quiet, warm, isolated noise.

For this "nest" to be comfortable, do not hesitate to line the bottom of the box with newspaper, which you then cover with tissues. Above all, during this preparatory phase, your cat must leave your home a minimum. You will not have to be too present around the crate of your cat, to preserve its privacy and comfort before giving birth.

The first signs of an imminent birth

When your cat is ready to give birth, she will start going around in circles . His appetite may decrease . She can also meow more than usual . In any case, she will look for a quiet corner to isolate herself . Your box designed especially for this moment can serve him. But she can also find another place where she will feel more comfortable. You must let her do it and not insist on placing it in her crate.

The unfolding of a kittens birth

The birth of kittens takes place in several phases.

  • There is the work phase . Your cat might be stressed, worried. During this phase, the contractions become more and more insistent. The waters are released and the first kittens will soon be expelled.
  • The expulsion phase can last for a few hours. Some pussies do not hesitate to meow stronger than the average during the first expulsion. This is perfectly normal. Kittens can be kicked first , or legs forward . These 2 positions are accepted. Any other position is abnormal and can lead to complications. Do not hesitate to call your veterinarian who will check the progress of the operation. In the event that no baby goes out despite ever-increasing contractions, you must call your vet after one hour, as the fetus may have been stuck.
  • The third phase is that of the expulsion of placentas . Your kittens can be expelled into their fetal pockets as naked, simply by being connected to their mother through the umbilical cord . In any case, your cat will have to expel as many kittens as placentas. Do not hesitate to count them to be certain that no kitten has been stuck inside. Then, the cat will eat the placenta , the pockets and the cords.

Remember that there may be several tens of minutes to an hour between the expulsion of each kitten. There is therefore no need to be alarmed beyond measure.

And after the birth?

Your cat should lick her kittens to stimulate their breathing . Otherwise, it's up to you to do it, including tearing their membrane so they do not choke. Subsequently, your cat will have to be overfed , so that she can bring all that is necessary to her young, who will breastfeed. You will find kibbles specially designed for kittens that have given birth. She will have to benefit from a permanent food . Her kittens must come and suck her several times a day,and she will have to lick them back . Make sure these behaviors are real. This is essential for their well-being and development.

What about the problems?

The problems can be of multiple nature:

  • The bad positioning of a kitten during the expulsion phase. In this case, you will have to contact your veterinarian urgently.
  • Despite the contractions, there are no kittens expelled . In this case, there may be a defect in the uterus of your cat. Only a veterinarian can intervene to help the latter finish the job.
  • Your cat lacks milk , you need to feed more or consult a veterinarian who provide you with a formula adapted to your kittens.
  • After delivery, your cat should have red-brown flow for a few days to 2 weeks. It's normal. On the other hand, any other color could be a sign of an infection.

In summary

The birth of kittens is going very well in general. You will need to ensure that your cat enjoys a comfortable place, outside any noise, quiet, and that it is relaxed. The birth can last several hours, between different stages (work, expulsion, placentas). Subsequently, you will need to ensure that breastfeeding goes smoothly.

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