How to brush your pet's teeth

Posted on April 18 2018

How to brush your pet's teeth

The dental care of your pet is one of the aspects that you must take care of, otherwise it may present problems of decay, tartar, plaque, bad breath and other diseases. 
However, for the owners it is not one of the most pleasant tasks to do because naturally the dog offers some resistance, but here we show you some strategies to achieve it without so much inconvenience.

  • oral hygiene

This is the first of the keys. As far as possible, it starts from when they are puppies, because when they are adults they have a harder time adapting to a new habit.
Now, to facilitate this task, do the brushing in parts. The first thing is to introduce your fingers and do a dental inspection. In this sense your dog should not be more uncomfortable, so reward him with rewards to let him know that this is the ideal behavior.

Then do the same with the toothpaste . Spread a little on your fingers for your dog to taste and get used to the taste, but never use toothpaste for humans.
With respect to tooth brushing do it progressively, that is, in a day only brushes some teeth quickly. Little by little you will increase the amount of the area to avoid it being a traumatic process.

  • Brushing teeth for dogs

It's basically the same as humans. For the upper teeth make a movement from top to bottom, and inversely for the lower teeth, taking special care not to mistreat the gums.

  • Brushing teeth for cats

It's the same process, only you should know that many cats do not tolerate having their mouths cleaned, but it is something vital and is for their well-being. With patience, affection and perseverance, little by little you will achieve it.

  • Toys and other techniques

Sometimes it can happen that your dog is already too adult and oral hygiene is practically impossible, but even so you can get himself to brush his teeth.

A very simple way is through a toilet toy . Although in the market you get some based on soy or corn, they are not very recommendable because they leave some traces on your teeth, so opt for those that are 100% natural.

In the market, there are various products easy to use and effective care for your pet's teeth: D

It is worth mentioning that these techniques should only be used in case your dog is 3 years old or older, as the learning process is difficult and it is not always possible to brush their teeth in the traditional way.

However, if you are still a puppy, do not give up so quickly. You must have patience, because in the future you will not only avoid your pet health problems, but also save you a lot of money in veterinary expenses and treatments.

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