How to calm a hyperactive dog?

Posted on November 16 2018

How to calm a hyperactive dog?

It is not only in humans that we find hyperactive subjects. Some dogs also have this characteristic, which is often a source of problems for themselves and for those around them

Dogs are made to run, jump, frolic and bark. Their domestication has considerably tempered these natural behaviors and inscribed in their genetic heritage of canids. Our 4 - legged friends have energy and vitality to spare. This is also why we love them. However, some dogs have a lot more than others and thus display an overactive personality. This can be a problem on a daily basis and cohabitation becomes difficult at times.

How to manage a hyperactive dog? Here are a few tips.

Canine hyperactivity: how is it manifested?

Your dog does not hold up? Do you have trouble making yourself obey ? It's a dog sometimes aggressive and destructive? In this case, he presents all the signs that may suggest that he is hyperactive.

Several types of behavioral disorders and their manifestations are, in fact, associated with canine hyperactivity. Often, obedience is lacking : the dog does not run when ordered to stop or return to the foot. A socialization insufficient can also be blamed and it frequently as a cause separation too early from its mother and its scope. The basics of hierarchy and social interaction are, in fact, during the first weeks of the puppy's life with his family.

The hyperactive dog may also tend to eat too quickly : eating disorders are then added to those of behavioral order.

Everything, in the environment of the hyperactive dog, is likely to stimulate, excite and push to stir in all directions: the slightest noise, the slightest movement, at any time of the day or night. the night.

For all these reasons, living alongside such a dog can not be easy to manage on a daily basis. But it's not impossible . Some measures reduce the intensity of this hyperactivity and its impact.

Try to be calm yourself

This is obviously easier said than done. Keep calm in front of a dog that runs in all directions and destroys everything that is on its way, yet it is essential. Our canine companions are extremely sensitive to our attitudes and when we are nervous and stressed, they become so too.

The more you stay calm despite the situation, the more likely the dog will be in turn . Conversely, when you get angry and when you start screaming, it only exacerbates the agitation of the animal.

The first thing to do is to learn to stay zen when your dog is not.

Treat the dog's anxiety

The hyperactivity of the dog must also and above all be treated upstream, that is to say at the level of the probable causes of his problem . Of these, anxiety is often present. The whole issue then lies in the treatment of what causes this anxiety: the situation, the place any element that is perceived by the dog as something negative, unpleasant. This will be done so that the anxiety element is now associated with a positive feeling by congratulating the dog when displaying the desired behavior, rewarding him when he remains calm, etc.

Offer more activities

The dog is active by nature (the wolf lives in packs with his parents and other puppies that stimulate him at all times). Leave him at home all day, do not give him enough opportunities to work out , this is the best way to let his hyperactivity explode.

On the contrary, it is necessary to lengthen one's walks , to give him more exercise to channel his overflow of energy. Activities such as agility are particularly indicated because they allow the animal to let off steam while improving its coordination and concentration .

In addition, you must take advantage of these exercises to work on obedience: do not throw the ball, the frisbee, or the stick, unless it obeys the "sitting" or "lying down" order, for example.

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