How to calm your dog during a storm

Posted on March 30 2018

How to calm your dog during a storm

Winds and heavy rain, thunder and lightning that illuminate and make the whole sky rumble. Yes, storms can be a traumatic experience for some of us. Imagine how they should be for dogs, regardless of race or age.

What can we do to make them feel safer during a storm?
1,Provide a safe haven
Dogs instinctively want to hide when something awful happens, so offering your dog a little house is the perfect solution and can help alleviate your anxiety. You can put blankets and toys in your house to make you feel more welcoming.

2,Natural Therapies
If your peludito suffers from severe anxiety, there are medications that you could consider giving with the consent of the veterinarian. However there are natural remedies that we recommend you try first, such as chewing a painkiller. Bach flower extracts and lavender oil are natural alternatives that you can try but always asking the vet about dosage and administration.

3, Professional Help
If the phobia towards your dog's storms is serious, it would be best to talk with the veterinarian about anti-anxiety medications. Although most pet owners would not like to come to this option, we should consider if the dog is suffering. We can also request help from a professional coach. Each dog reacts differently to each method so it would be best to deal with as many methods as necessary until finding one that works for our peludito.

4, Stay with your peludito
Many pet owners do not want to comfort their pets with the risk of reinforcing the fearful behavior of the dog. But a strong storm is not the time to leave your pet alone. Since dogs are domestic animals, it is natural that they want to be with their families in a stressful event. Gentle massage and a quiet conversation can help you stay calm during the storm.

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