How to calm your pet of pyrotechnics

Posted on March 29 2018

How to calm your pet of pyrotechnics

The sound of pyrotechnics causes stress and anxiety in many pets. This effect is natural, because the noise activates your nervous system and can become anxious or frightened.

For our pets, experiencing the noise of pyrotechnics is much stronger than some other sound. Due to explosions, colors, lights and very specific odors of rockets, the senses of smell, taste and hearing of our pets become more sensitive.

In these types of situations, we recommend you follow these tips to calm your pet of pyrotechnics:

  • Do not leave your dog outside the house: Do not leave him tied up, this causes him much more stress and he can try to escape. Although he is used to being in the patio / garden of the house to move away from the fear of pyrotechnics. 
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere: Look for the space or room further away from outside noise and there place your bed or house, as well as toys or objects with which you are familiar. 
  • Close the windows and doors: Keep your house as close as possible to reduce outside noise, and lower the blinds so your pet is not distracted and disturbed by the lights of the fireworks.
  • Pamper it and pay attention. When your pet approaches you will do so to seek support and comfort for stress, so every time you do, hug him and play at that moment with him so he can get distracted. 
  • Calming for stress: There are several products that help transmit tranquility to your pet: pheromones, aromatherapy, painkillers, Bach flowers, and even massages.

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