Choosing automatic pet feeder-Beginner’s guide

Posted on June 10 2020

Choosing automatic pet feeder-Beginner’s guide

Many pet lovers want little fur ball to be healthy and be able to save time when it comes to feeding time. With many different pet feeders that you can buy and if this is your first purchase it will become super confusing. After all if you spend on a pet feeder and it does not go over well with your pets, that can be a big disappointment. Today I'm going to show you how to choose the best automatic pet feeder for your pets.

What is an automatic pet feeder and how does it work?

An automatic pet feeder is just like what it sounds like. It’s a pet food dispenser that gives your dog food or cat food automatically either by electronic programming, App or gravity.

Types of automatic pet feeder

Many people like automatic cat feeders as they take the hassle out of feeding special diets, or having to feed your cat on a daily basis. There are several different types of automatic feeders, including WI-FI automatic pet feeder,automatic pet feeder with timer and gravity feeders.

Automatic pet feeder with timer allows you to customize your pet feeding schedule,choose what time and how many food you want your kitty to eat.

If you don't want to deal with timers,you can get a wifi auto feeder that allows you to program the unit through the App. Programming a feeder through an App is so much easier.You can program with your phone and you can choose portions and mealtimes,easily.If the internet goes down, these Wifi pet feeder still keep dispensing.

A gravity pet feeder works by using the force of gravity to lower and dispense food into the dish below. As your pet eats food from the bowl, gravity pulls more food down to refill the dish. Because you cannot program portion sizes or feeding times, gravity feeders should only be used by pets that don’t have a problem with free access to food.

6 Important Features to Consider

These are the basic features you will need to consider when choosing the best automatic pet feeder.

#1 Price

#2 Food type

#3 Meal time

#4 Food storage capacity

#5 Security

#6 After sale service

how to choose best automatic pet feeder

I will be looking at each in more detail below.

#1 Price

In your search of the best pet feeder, you’ll find some very high-priced ones that bring lots of benefits. Generally speaking, the more features the feeder have, the more expensive. That being said you’ll find suitable pet feeders depends on your budget and demands. If you don’t need complex functions and have limited budget, just choose timer automatic pet feeder with reasonable price. If you want to monitor and feed your pet automatically,then a high price wi-fi pet feeder is a good choice.

#2 Food type&size

If your pooch only eats wet food, you’ll need to be on the lookout for an automatic feeder that is compatible with wet food. Some models even include an ice pack to keep wet food fresh longer.So, before going out and buying your automatic pet food feeder make sure you are certain on the type of food you’re going to be feeding your cat.

Next you should know what type of food it’s made to deliver.Automatic cat feeders work a lot better using dry cat food simply because it’s easier to dispense dry food. If you try to use a dry food cat feeder with wet canned foods you’ll find your going to have a stinky mess on your hands.

Also check if the feeder is guaranteed to work with the pellet size your cat eats. Usually,the kibbles that cause the automatic feeder to jam are the ones with odd shapes.Some feeders are not made to dispense large-size kibble, which can be a problem for some large-breed dogs that eat dog food with big pieces of kibble. So check the available pet food size of the feeder is important.

#3 Meal times

How many times do you want your pet to eat per day? Most pet feeders support scheduling 4 or 6 meal times which can meet most demands. You might need to get really specific about how much food you want dispensed.

If your pet is on a weight loss diet, then accuracy will be important here. You need to consider how many grams is the smallest portion. The minimum amount of food that some feeders dispense is 5g and you can choose the portion size according to your pets' need.

#4 Food storage capacity

Different feeders have different capacities so having a good idea of how much food your pet eats per day can be very helpful when choosing the capacity. So ideally the automatic pet feeder you buy should at least have the capacity to hold the amount of food your pet eats in a day. 

If you’re planning on feeding your cat or dog for more than 1 day,you will need a large food capacity pet feeder. At the same time,make sure the feeder has a reliable hopper feeder system so it can hold the food and dispense the correct amount over few days. You don’t need to often refill the food container with a large food capacity pet feeder. It is recommended to choose a large food capacity pet feeder if you have adequate budget.

#5 Security

Check whether the feeder design can be violated by your cat or dog

Make sure to check this point if you have aggressive cat or dog that are very determined when they want more food than you have programmed to dispense. Poorly constructed automatic feeders may allow your pooch to break through and access food before the designated feeding time. Some automatic dog feeders have feature secure locking systems to keep out even the most determined pooches. To avoid this, look for feeders that are constructed with quality materials that is strong and won’t be easy to break into.

Check whether the material is safe

The feeding dish needs to high-quality, non-toxic, and sturdy enough to hold up to heavy chewing. Especially it is an important feature to consider if your dog is a heavy chewer.

#6 After-sale service

Check the warranty to make sure you will be able to ask for refund,replacement or repair of your unit.Usually the length of period that the guarantee or warranty lasts,it's good indicator about the quality of the feeder.The longer the guarantee,the longer the unit most likely lasts.


An automatic cat feeder is an excellent option for those are on a weight loss program and need to watch their portions. It is also suited for those who have a special diet, as they can be programmed to dispense multiple daily meals.

Another reason many people like using automatic pet feeders is when they are away for a few days or longer, and want to ensure their pet is getting fresh food daily. If you aren’t able to get a cat sitter to come to your home, an automatic pet feeder can ensure that your pet is still being regularly fed.

If you want to automatically feed your cat or dog,but don't know how to choose a good pet food dispenser,these are good tips to help you get a suitable feeder for your pet.A lot of frustration and waste of money can be avoided by properly researching before purchasing a product.

Now you have everything you need to get started to buy an automatic pet feeder. If you have interest in Wopet automatic pet feeder,you can click here to see more.

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