How to choose the best puppy food?

Posted on July 15 2018

How to choose the best puppy food?

Most dog lovers have had them since they are puppies, and have been concerned about having all the care they require. One of the things that must be taken into account so that the puppies have an optimal growth is feeding.

Do you know what to consider when choosing a food for your puppy?

Then I explain a couple of points to consider to choose the best food for your puppy.

• Size : Although the puppies are born small, not all are the same size. The ideal is to choose a food according to the size of your dog; that is, if your dog is a chihuahua or a similar breed, you should consider a food for small breeds . If your dog is a Great Dane, even if it is a puppy, it is considered a big breed so you should consider it a food for large breeds .

You may wonder, what is the difference? The difference lies in two things:

The size of the croquette: since the croquettes for breeds such as the Chihuahua or the Pomeranian, are smaller so that they can be chewed and swallowed easily, while the croquettes for breeds such as the Great Dane or the Labrador are of a regular size
The content of the croquette: a large breed dog requires more elements such as L-carnitine which helps to have stronger joints due to its size.

• Race : Each race, regardless of age, has different characteristics such as size or amount of hair. Therefore, it is recommended that you look for a special formula for each race. You can find special food for Pug or for Schnauzer that have just what that race needs.

• Say NO to corn : There are many foods in the market whose main ingredient is corn, which you should avoid giving your puppy. Why? Simple, corn is an ingredient that does not provide any benefit for dogs, on the contrary a large concentration of corn can bring stomach consequences such as diarrhea.

• Ingredients : On the contrary, choose a food that, within its main ingredients, are chicken or lamb meat . These ingredients favor the growth of your dog as well as being easier to digest. The best thing of all is the savings that this implies, since having meat as the main ingredient will require a smaller ration to cover the requirements of the puppies.

A premium food for your puppy is the easiest way to ensure that your growth will be optimal and healthy, so you should avoid feeding it with low quality products.

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