How to choose the best veterinarian for your dog?

Posted on April 09 2018

How to choose the best veterinarian for your dog?

Few people are lucky enough to have a veterinarian of absolute confidence. A veterinarian who knows that he would do everything in his power to help your dog, that he does not give you pretexts of schedules or that he does not answer your phone. A veterinarian who feels that everything is fine as soon as you arrive at the office.

This is very important when you have a dog. It's the same as having a trusted doctor or pediatrician for your children. Here are some points you should consider when looking and find a veterinarian so you can know if he is the right one or you have to keep looking:

1. You like it. You have to listen to the belly. It is easy to know when someone likes you, you can relax, you can tell him more things, he does not intimidate you, you do not feel uncomfortable there. This is important because you will have much to talk about and if you feel that you can not tell things or that you do not understand or worse, that you do not pay attention, it may not be the right one.

2. Your dog likes you. This point is a little misleading because many dogs if they feel bad or hurt are likely not to be grabbed by you. However, in a normal situation, your dog does not scream like crazy or throws the bite (unless it is aggressive in general) and there are times that even moves the tail. My dog, for example, runs with excitement when he sees his.

3. It always explains what your dog has and gives you treatment options. When you tell him the symptoms and he finds what, he always explains what it is, why he gave it and the different types of treatments so that you with him choose the one that is best.

4. Always explain what you are going to do to your dog before doing it. Before checking, injecting or anything else, he always explains what he is going to do to make you aware and not to be scared. This is important as well you can know more and help if you know that there is something that can make you nervous or scare your dog.

5. He gives you his cell phone number. In case you have an emergency or a doubt and they are not office hours. What's more, there are some who can help you via WhatsApp. Here it is on your side not to abuse this privilege and not be bothering it daily with doubts or questions.

6. Do not scold you. Nothing worse than a veterinarian who wants to teach you. There is a difference between explaining how you should do something and scolding you. Not that it was your dad.

7. It gives you peace of mind to leave your dog. You know that if your dog stays in his office or in his care, he will be fine. No dog likes to stay in the hospital and no owner likes to leave his dog but there are times when it is inevitable and when this happens, it is best to feel that your dog stays in good hands.

8. He always listens to you and does not make fun of your ideas. Your veterinarian should take the time to hear everything you have to say, he should let you ask questions and answer them, no matter how silly or ridiculous they may sound.

9. The other clients you have seen in the office love it. This is a great indicator when you go with a new veterinarian. If the other people there see that they want it, they greet him with emotion and give you good references in the waiting room, this adds many points.

10. The way he treats the people who work with him. This applies not only to veterinarians but to all people and talks about their human quality. If your staff wants it, the safest thing is that the dogs too.

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