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How to choose the right conveyor to travel with your dog

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Posted on March 29 2018

If you plan to travel with your dog, it is important that you know what size of transporter you need. The transporter should not be neither small nor large because in both cases it is dangerous.

If you have left girl, the dog gets numb to go squeezed and in case of a sudden movement can be crushed. If it looks too big, it will look like a pea on a tray and if there are movements it can easily hit the walls.

There are three basic rules to choose the carrier that airlines take into account:

1. That the dog can stand comfortably and with 10 cm left over above the head.
2. That the dog can turn inside the conveyor.
3. That the dog can lie down comfortably.

To know exactly what size is right for your dog, you can measure it using these guides.

Most of the conveyors have the measurements in inches so take them that way so you do not have to be converting measurements.

It is important to mention that only some carriers are approved by the airlines to fly, so if your dog will travel by plane, check that the conveyor is plastic and has ventilation on all four sides, that has metal screws and not plastic.

Depending on the length of the trip, you can buy some plates that are hung at the gate so that the staff of the airports or even you can give water when you need it. There are those who freeze a little water in them the night before the trip and thus make sure that the water melts little by little and does not splash.

Do not put stuffed animals inside because there have been cases of dogs that eat them with anxiety. On the bottom, put an old towel, a blanket or an absorbent protective mat. This helps to prevent them from slipping and also in case your dog pees inside the conveyor, which does not whip everything.

Make sure the airline places the Animal Live or Live Animal stamps on each side of the conveyor with the arrows facing up. The same should carry a picture with all the data of your dog and your flight. On the front you can put a label with the name of your dog so that the people of the airport speak to him by his name and this gives him a bit of tranquility.

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