How to choose your cat veterinarian?

Posted on December 12 2018

How to choose your cat veterinarian?

The first trusted contact for a pet is the veterinarian. However, several factors come into play in making the right choice. The skills, the geographical situation as well as the feeling must be united to favor the harmony in trio where the mutual trust must be put. Our advices.

The only word to remember from a relationship with the veterinarian is trust . It must be reciprocal. You must be able to count on your vet in all cases. The latter must have knowledge of all the antecedents or symptoms of your cat to help him in the best arrangements.

Trust in your veterinarian

This is not a quality criterion for what is first asked of a veterinarian. However, like your relationship with your doctor, the one linking your feline to your doctor must be based on trust .

You must never hide the evils that your cat can suffer. The symptoms, the possible complications, the least facts and gestures must be evoked in front of your vet so that he can have all the parameters in the care of your protege. For his part, he will have to tell you all the options for each intervention or treatment provided. He will have to be clear in his explanations and explicit without use a medical jardon incomprehensible for most masters.

The different veterinary clinics

Some veterinarians practice their profession alone, like a doctor with his own practice. Others group together and hospitals can also be consulted.

  • A specialized veterinary clinic is available everywhere in France. It has the advantage of being managed by feline professionals who know their subject at their fingertips. They are unfortunately not yet developed enough, but are perhaps the best places to cure your cat. Above all, this will allow your cat to have a veterinarian who will follow him regularly . There will be no procrastination when making a booster or prescribing medication. Only disadvantage, these clinics do not always take emergency and an appointment is often mandatory.
  • A home veterinarian has the advantage of not moving around for you and your cat. The prices are hardly more exorbitant than in clinic. This is a great time saver and it allows your cat to be less anxious about going to a practice. On the other hand, this type of veterinarian is not everywhere. It is not always possible to consult urgently and it is clearly impossible for him to operate or practice any surgery or even medical imaging exam (scanner, MRI ...).
  • The veterinary hospital center is open continuously. It offers day and night surveillance of your cat if he or she has to spend the night or several days on watch. He is often very well equipped . Nevertheless, the lack of constant monitoring by the same veterinarian can be problematic. There is no, or less, customization in trade.
  • Veterinary schools are not places of experience. Yes, your cat will be operated or treated by a student . But it is followed very closely by professionals who are present. Thus, your cat is in good hands and sometimes cheaper.

The veterinary practice as well as the clinic remain the privileged places , where the relations will be less impersonal and where the follow-up will be regular and serious. On the other hand, the prices will often be higher and the possibilities of further examinations less in their strings. As is often the case, the bigger the structure, the more you will have the impression of leaving your cat between several veterinarians without necessarily knowing which one will take care of it.

An acceptable distance from your home

You should not choose a veterinarian who is more than 50 km from your home. It would become too restrictive if your cat suddenly shows a succession of health problems. Nor is it ideal in your search for a specialist in the animal cause. Indeed, this will require you to travel many miles on the roads. Cats are not all fond of transport. In fact, opt for a veterinarian near you. A radius of 1 to 2 km is what we can advise you.

The basis of the first appointment

If trust is to be one of the basic criteria, the feeling is also essential. A first appointment is often the way to test your potential future veterinarian and see if it meets your expectations. Above all, the reaction of your cat to his contact will be an indicator of the degree of confidence that can be established. If he answers your questions without flinching or being convincing, it is winning.

Listen to the reviews around you

Today, there are plethora of ways to learn about this or that veterinarian. Through the Internet, veterinarians are constantly rated . Some patients give their opinions, often well decided. They are not reliable, because we do not know where they come from. Do not hesitate to question people you see coming out of a practice or clinic. If you have friends who already have a veterinarian, do not hesitate to ask them what they think, what they advise you.

Finally, it is necessary to take the time to go to the desired clinic , to look at the installations, the equipment , to evaluate with your own eyes the environment, the atmosphere . We are still in a feeling issue.

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