How to choose your veterinarian?

Posted on October 08 2018

How to choose your veterinarian?

Proximity, time, confidence, type of structure and prices are some of the main criteria to consider when choosing the veterinarian who will take care of your dog. How to be sure to make the right choice?

The choice of the veterinarian is dependent on several criteria. This is weighing the for and against and studying all these aspects that maximizes its chances to choose the right provider. You will entrust the health of your dog (s) to the latter.

Your decision must therefore be carefully considered . Here are some tips and advice that could help you settle down.


It is obvious that having a veterinarian located near you is a point of great importance. Although the criterion of distance alone does not determine the final choice, it remains crucial in more than one way.

In case of emergency , it is always better to have a practitioner nearby for your dog to receive fast care. Even for routine consultations, saving long trips to your dog can only be a good thing.

Proximity is also a big advantage if your pet has a chronic disease , requiring frequent visits to the veterinarian.

Schedules and availability

Not all veterinarians offer the same opening hours and do not have the same availability. Some clinics or clinics can be called 24 hours a day , while others only provide a few hours of presence a day, not counting days off.

Find out about the opening hours and look at the possibilities that these offer you according to your own schedule.

Reports and reliability

The feeling is also an important choice criterion. The only skills of the veterinarian are not enough. His way of interacting with you and interacting with the dog matters a lot.

During the first visit to the veterinarian , that of the vaccines, the practitioner can either be content to administer the injections, or take the time to review and answer your questions about the different aspects of the dog's life. ( food , health , education , outings, hygiene ...). In the latter case, you have a good chance of making the right choice.

The type of structure

There are three main types of veterinary structures: the veterinary practice , the veterinary clinic and the hospital center .

Each of these structures has advantages and disadvantages. Be aware, for example, that the rates charged by clinics and hospitals are generally higher because they have substantial material and human resources . In addition, you do not have the guarantee that voting dog is followed by a single veterinarian . On the other hand, you are sure that there will always be one available when needed.

On the other side, in case of hospitalization of your dog, this one will be the subject of a permanent surveillance (nights and weekends included) on the part of the hospital, which is not always the case in a veterinary clinic. Whatever the type of structure, check the cleanliness of the premises.

Rates charged

Veterinarians freely set prices for their consultations. The prices charged will therefore influence your choice. However, finding the cheapest practitioner is not the best solution as it may suggest poor quality care .

Just as astronomical rates are not a guarantee of efficiency . Word-of-mouth can help you find your way to someone in particular, but it's better to have multiple opinions and not rely on just one opinion.

The professional dog world of good sources of information and will help you find the right person. Do not hesitate to talk to experienced breeders or dressage specialists, for example, for valuable recommendations.

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