How to clean the ears of your cat?

Posted on December 13 2018

How to clean the ears of your cat?

Like humans, your cat should have ears as clean as possible. It is not an aesthetic question, but of good health. Several factors can trigger diseases at this level in your feline. They should be prevented by anticipating them. This is done through a rather easy and fast maneuver.

The ear canal of your cat should be inspected regularly to avoid the development of binding diseases and sometimes urgent to treat. However, you must be careful in cleaning the ears. Notably because the conduit is in a form different from the human (vertical L shape opening at a right angle).

Why clean the ears?

As with humans, impurities can stagnate in your cat's ears . This can lead to more or less serious infections . In fact, it is advisable to regularly clean the ears of your cat in order to avoid otitis and all other pathologies handicapping in his daily life.

As the owner, you need to be alert to the signs suggesting the development of an illness. Thus, an excess of earwax must be removed, parasites may lodge in its pavilion, or a foul odor may emerge from its ears. These are signals to take into account.

When to clean the ears?

They must be regularly , but especially when you notice the presence of dirt . In this case, it is a question of anticipating a possible infection. Ear infections or ear infections should take you to the vet.

How to clean the ears?

Your cat should not be stressed or anxious about having his ear inspected . You have to relax him by making him think it's a game . Because although very clean, your cat can not go clean his hatches as it should be done. You must place your cat at your height .

Before any intervention , you must inspect the ear canal of your cat. If you do not observe any dirt, then you can leave your cat alone. In the opposite case, you must proceed as follows:
  • You clean the pavilion of the ear with a cotton soaked in a lotion given by your veterinarian.
  • You can also instill a small amount of solution prescribed by your veterinarian into his ear and gently massage with your fingers to distribute the product properly.
  • Your cat should shake his head , sign that the cleaning is over.
  • To make sure the duct is clean, use dry cotton as if to wipe your cat's ear.
  • Ban the cotton swab

Already not recommended for humans , the cotton swab should be banned to clean the ears of your cat. Going too far in its flag, you risk perforating his eardrum or damage. Then you risk to push a little more dirt inside her ear. This means must be forgotten.

A sickness?

If your cat's ears do not smell pink, if you notice your cat touching his ears frequently, then you should consult immediately. This is a sign of an infection that will pass only with the provision of a suitable drug treatment . Only your vet will know what to do.

In summary

The cleaning of your cat's ears should be done every 2 weeks or so, if you notice any dirt. The process is simple, since it requires only a cotton and a special lotion indicated by your veterinarian. An infection must obligatorily involve a consultation in order to cure as quickly as possible the disease which can make suffer your animal.

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