How to clean the eyes of your cat?

Posted on December 13 2018

How to clean the eyes of your cat?

Your cat's eyes are organs to preserve. They are sensitive and can, in some breeds (long-haired) be sensitive to some pesky pathologies. Thus, to prevent diseases, it is best to anticipate by cleaning regularly. How? That's what we explain to you.

Impurities and dirt should be cleaned with a suitable saline solution for your cat. On the other hand, any trace of an abnormal or important flow , any redness, must make you consult a veterinarian.

Why clean your cat's eyes?

Lacrimal secretions are deposited, in some cats, more easily and regularly in the corner of their eyes. By accumulating, they form impurities which, in the long run, can be true nests to bacteria and, therefore, to infections .

In addition, some cats may be more prone to developing impurities and infections depending on the season. Thus, pollen can also play a role in the development of conjunctivitis or any other ocular disease. The dust or simply foreign body can be dangerous. Fragile organ if any, the eye must be at the center of all your concerns.

When to clean your cat's eyes?

Do not act in haste. The eyes of your feline must be regularly inspected , especially in long-haired breeds , among Persians , predisposed to certain pathologies. Nevertheless, you must not intervene daily. Simply when you see an impurity, dirt or crust forming.

In long hair, you have to clean them several times a week , and every time your cat comes back from a getaway outside.

How to clean your cat's eyes?

As often, you must initiate your cat to this practice when he is young. Thus, you will have less resistance . Your feline could take that as a game. That's the goal.

  • To clean the eyes of your cat, it is first of all to use specific products and adapted to your animal. You will get them at a pet store , in specialized stores or directly from your veterinarian. Do not opt ​​for a physiological serum suitable for humans because the pH is different.
  • Put on a dry pad and never a cotton pad. Indeed, the latter could see his fibers hurt the eye of your cat .
  • Grab your cat by the head between the chin and the back of his ears to keep him from moving.
  • At first, you will remove impurities and dirt around your eyes. Then, you will inhibit the compress of a suitable lotion and gently dab the areas concerned. Never rub as you may irritate the eye area. Finally, you will dry everything with another compress or tissue paper .

Each eye should be cleaned with different compresses.

Cases where it is necessary to consult

Unfortunately, regular cleaning of your cat's eyes is sometimes not always enough to prevent the development of pathologies , such as conjunctivitis or any inflammation of this organ. So, you will need to consult your veterinarian who will prescribe appropriate tear solutions and medications . Your cat's eyes may also turn red depending on the season, pollen, sensitivity to dust or drafts.

In summary

Dust, pollen, draft ... many factors are responsible for infections of your cat's eyes. To prevent the development of diseases, it is necessary to clean up the eyes of your cat. A quick intervention, often effective, and simple, thanks to compresses and a serum adapted to the animal. What to avoid many visits to your veterinarian.

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