How to Clean the eyes of your dog?

Posted on October 08 2018

How to Clean the eyes of your dog?

Clean the eyes of your dog is a gesture of great importance. It helps preserve the cleanliness of these ultra sensitive organs and prevent various eye diseases. When the cleaning is done properly, with the right products and the right frequency, the dog's eyes are kept healthy.

All dogs must have good hygiene , especially in their eyes . Inspected daily, they are cleaned regularly. If this action is not required daily in some dogs, it must be done every morning in other breeds with particularly sensitive eyes . Let's see how to effectively clean the eyes of dogs.

A preventive gesture

Your dog's eyes should be examined every morning to detect any debris and lachrymal secretions . Regular inspections and cleanings help prevent eye diseases and keep eyes clean and healthy.

Some breeds of dogs are more exposed to eye diseases. This is particularly the case of small dogs whose tear ducts tend to clog and whose eyes are globular: Pekingese , Chihuahuas , Pugs , French Bulldogs ...

The breeds of dogs with folded faces are also to be watched, like the Chow Chow , the Shar Pei and the English Bulldog . It is the same for the long-haired breeds such as the Bobtail , the Cocker and the Bichon . In all these types of dogs, eye care must be daily.

The eyes are quite sensitive and there are many kinds of diseases, such as conjunctivitis , cataracts and glaucoma . With regular cleaning of the eyes, it is possible to detect early symptoms of eye diseases  and react quickly by taking the dog to the vet so that he can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Which products to use?

Unlike ear maintenance, cleaning the eyes should not be done using cotton. The latter may, in fact, leave streaks on and around the eyes. It is better to use compresses for more efficiency and safety. On the side of the product to be used, it is possible to use a dog-specific ocular antiseptic or a saline solution.

How to clean his eyes?

Eye cleaning should be done only if secretions have been found . It is useless if the eyes are clear , wet and shiny. To be able to clean the dog's eyes, you first have to hold your head slightly back , then shift your upper eyelid before you pour 2 or 3 drops of the cleaning product.

With the compress, wipe the eye from the internal angle to the outer one (towards the temple). Care must be taken to remove the remaining tears that have dried and hardened. If the dog has an eye infection (eg conjunctivitis), clean it up before applying the treatment (eye drops or other) for it to be truly effective.

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