How to control a destructive dog?

Posted on November 15 2018

How to control a destructive dog?

Some dogs suffer from disturbing and / or disturbing behavioral disorders. Problems that some teachers are struggling to cope with. It is not always easy to have the right response to a destructive dog. We offer you several tips to achieve control and correct its troubles.

He cuts your slippers , tore off the curtains , ransacked your sofa , scratched the floor. He begins to cry , to bark for no reason. You come back from your work day and come face to face with this nasty surprise. Hold and blow.

What exactly is a destructive dog?

A destructive dog is an animal that daily damages the affairs of his master and / or his place of life. Chewed shoes, torn cushions , gnawed furniture , broken objects ... are as much damage as a destructive dog can cause. But it does not stop there. The animal is also used to soil soil and textiles , urine and faeces. It can be a puppy or an adult dog . Destruction can take place when the master is present, but in general, misdeeds take place in his absence.

How does a dog become destructive?

Before "cure" the evils, it is important to know the origin of the disorders of his animal.

The stress of fear

The causes: Many destructive dogs were removed from their mothers and adopted too early. They are therefore very attached to their master and when he is absent, they suddenly suffer from loneliness and a feeling of abandonment . They express their anxiety and discontent by destroying familiar objects.

Solutions: Accustom him gently to your absences. Start with small periods and then lengthen them as you go. Your dog will notice that you return after each absence. In fact, he will not worry anymore. This will take away any futile stress.

A lack of activity

The cause: Your dog can destroy by boredom . He does not activate himself enough for his taste. He needs to let off steam and show it in his own way. Indeed, when a dog is kept in a small dwelling for a very long time , he ends up trying to distract himself from all possible ways, even the worst ones.

The solutions: Get your dog out. Take long walks where your dog will have the opportunity to express himself. In addition, you can also make him practice a dog sport.

Hypersensitivity and hyperactivity

The causes: A hyperactive and hypersensitive dog is noticed quite young. He reacts without waiting for the slightest noise, the slightest movement, with excitement. He is afraid of nothing, barks for everything and does not hesitate to bite into the least object. It can even hurt when bitten. He does not control himself. Almost one out of every two dogs has HS-HA syndrome . In addition to his destructive behavior, cleanliness is not his forte.

A dog with HS-HA has often suffered a trauma being very young. This may be due to too fast separation with his mother . The latter may also have educated her puppy in the wrong way. Your puppy came from too many litters or, conversely, he was alone.

Solutions: A treatment used to alleviate the symptoms. Without it, they will get worse and drift towards anxiety and sociopathy . An HS-HA dog can become dominant and therefore a real danger for children. You have the choice between a behavioral therapy prescribed by a specialist veterinarian in the genre. In parallel, your dog will follow a drug treatment .

Finally a dog can destroy, in a very targeted way the affairs of his master, can also be a way to avenge an act that the animal found unfair . A significant change in the dog's life can also explain the troubles: moving, arrival of a child or another animal ...

How to master a destructive dog?

It is first of all necessary to identify the cause of his troubles. If it is only boredom, the destruction remains punctual and the animal does not dirty. Otherwise, it is a feeling of abandonment and revenge to make his master pay for his absence or distance.

  • The right attitude to adopt when the dog destroys objects because he is bored: distract him ! Without bad pun, just give it a bone to eat ! Give them toys, give them more space to entertain themselves and do not leave fragile objects at their fingertips.
  • The right attitude to adopt when the dog destroys to show his discontent: react quickly, but in a relevant way! There is no point in shouting and punishing him, when the nonsense he has made goes back several hours, because he will not understand. It must be used to your absences .

simple exercise is to leave briefly (about 20 minutes) from home and reward him with caresses or treats if he did not destroy anything when you return. This strategy is to be repeated as long as it alters objects, reducing the duration of your absences. On the contrary, increase the duration of 10 minutes in 10 minutes, each time that it behaves well. He must assimilate the system of rewards given when he has not destroyed anything. If problems persist, it is recommended to contact a professional.

In summary

A dog described as destructive is not by chance. He can :

  • Tooth in the case of a puppy
  • Manifesting his anxiety, his fear, his phobias
  • Suffer from HS-HA syndrome

To restore the situation, you must:

  • Educate or re-educate
  • Be patient
  • Make him see a behaviorist veterinarian if your dog is hypersensitive and hyperactive or a canine educator
  • Take it out and occupy it

You must not :

  • Scold him and punish him if you did not catch your dog on the fact
  • Cage
  • The drop
  • Give him everything and anything

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