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How to control an aggressive dog?

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Posted on June 11 2018

Surely you have heard or lived some story of a delivery boy being attacked by an aggressive dog. The best way to avoid these attacks is to train your dog. We give you some tips to control your furry and make it a more friendly pet.

1. Understand why it attacks

Most of the time, when dogs see runners, children, delivery people or cyclists, they attack because rapid movement activates their hunting instinct. First he barks to protect his territory and get that person away. Then his level of exaltation rises when he sees that his barking does not work and is what causes a bite. It is important to understand that your hairy person acts only by instinct and thinks that he is protecting something. It is our obligation as the owners to teach you that there is no danger for you to be calm in this type of situation.

2. Remove your dog's "responsibility to protect"

Try to keep your hairy out of situations where he can exhibit power behavior. This means not allowing him to "patrol" the entire house. If there are places where it gets extremely aggressive, like in the kitchen because that's where you eat, you can use an anti-stress diffuser that helps improve your mood in the places where you put it. It is also very important for your dog to keep exercising as this will cause his energy to concentrate on other things.

3. Calm down when eating

To avoid being violent when eating, you can start with your empty plate, get it close, but do not give it food until it is calm. As soon as you feel it, put a little food in the container and let it eat, since it ends you have to order it to sit down again and keep quiet to give it another portion. Repeat this as many times as necessary. You have to be very patient since you will probably not see changes until after many attempts. This exercise shows you that you are in charge and you are also the one who provides food, which makes you look like your "leader". It can be very helpful to use soothing rewards before doing this exercise.

4. Control your barking strangers at the door

The aggressive behavior of your hairy can be caused by a certain type of person or situation. An exercise you can practice with a friend is: have your friend knock on the door or stay out. Since you see your dog alarmed tell him to calm down, for your part stay calm as this will help his behavior. It may take a long time, but when you stop barking and calm down, give him a prize and open the door. Practice this exercise the necessary times and after a while you will see a change in the attitude of your hairy.

5. Reward good behavior

When your dog demonstrates passive and calm behavior, it is important to reward him, so when he is in a stressful situation he will relate to being calm with the prizes and his behavior will improve. Reward him for good behavior to let him know he is doing well. Praise and provide prizes and carnazas is a very important part of the training that will change and eliminate their aggressiveness.

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