How to cut your dog's nails?

Posted on March 31 2018

How to cut your dog's nails?

If you have decided that you are going to cut your dog's nails yourself, it is important that you take into account some recommendations to do it correctly.

Therefore, we tell you what are the things that you should do and what you definitely should not do when you cut the nails of your beloved dog.

What to do ...

  • Prepare your dog. If you have never cut your nails, you should do a pre-workout to let them touch the legs (which dogs do not like in general). Very carefully, lift one of its legs and immediately afterwards release it and give it a prize. Repeat this exercise several times and try to keep your paw grabbed longer and gradually see your fingers and fingernails touching too.
  • Choose the right tool. Choose a quality nail clipper, with good edge and the right size for your dog.
  • Just relax. We understand that it is normal to get a little nervous when cutting your dog's nails, but remember that you transmit your energy and, if you get nervous, your dog will be upset.
  • Choose a place where nobody bothers you. It is important that you cut the nails to your dog in a place where they are calm, without distractions and without stimuli that alter your dog (or you). Also, be sure to choose a position where both you and he are comfortable.
  • Study the shape of your dog's nails. The dogs' nails have live tissue inside and, if you cut the nail too much, you can cut this tissue and make it blood. Make sure you know how far you should cut your nails to do it correctly.
  • Learn to detect what your dog likes and what does not. Study each movement of your dog and see what he prefers or what bothers him.

What not to do ...

  • Do not shout, hit or punish your dog. You will only make her more afraid of having her nails cut, she will distrust you and may make her behavior worse.
  • Do not force your dog. If you do not want to cut your nails or do not let them touch your legs, train them slowly so that they relax and allow you to manipulate their legs and nails.
  • Do not use a nail clipper for human . Remember that getting the right tool is essential for the cut to be done correctly and without so much discomfort for your dog.
  • Do not panic if you get to cut more of your dog's nail. If you get to cut the living tissue of your dog's nails by accident, do not get upset (although we know it is difficult, try to control yourself), because you will only make your dog more nervous.

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