How to deal with cold or coryza in cats?

Posted on April 23 2019

How to deal with cold or coryza in cats?-WOPET

Like humans, your cat can have many diseases during his life. The most common is the traditional cold. The slightest draft can be at the origin. Often safe for his health, he can, on rare occasions, deviate. In parallel, the Coryza is the other regular pathology of the feline. Except this time, we talk more about "flu". We explain these 2 diseases and how to anticipate and fight them.

The common cold of the cat

Like the common cold, cats are usually classic and temporary . However, your cat is a ball of hair more fragile than human. Therefore, his immune system needs to react immediately, with your help , to this attack. In the opposite case, the cold can turn into a disease of the respiratory tracts , and divert towards a pneumonia for example.

The causes

The duration of a cold is an average of ten days. If your cat is usually healthy , you can treat it without worry from your home. On the other hand, if your feline knows some health concerns, then a visit to a veterinarian is necessary. Your cat will catch this pathology because of drafts left at your home. If you have your pet take a bath, he could get cold afterwards. Finally, your cat may have crossed another cat with a cold. It is a virus a little weaker than the flu, but just as contagious between felines.


They are multiple. Thus, cold, your cat will surely present nasal and ocular secretions , shortness of breath due to congested bronchi, sneezing , perhaps cough or sore throat . Finally, he may have a fever and his appetite drop drastically.

The treatment

It's a virus so there is not one. You can simply relieve the ailments of your cat the time of the process. So, you have to start by strengthening your cat's immune defenses by helping him to eat. The cold will cut his appetite. It will be important for him to feed himself in order to fight the virus. Do not hesitate to offer him foods with strong smells . A cold often prevents it from having taste and / or smell. Do not forget to drink it because colds cause severe dehydration.

The cold sometimes causes fever. So you have to pay attention to his body temperature . Your cat should never be too hot or too cold. You can fight the cold by putting blankets for example. Clean her eyes, nose with saline solution that your vet could advise you.

There are some homeopathic treatments to take after the cold as such to strengthen the immune system.

A cold lasts an average of ten days. If your cat's general condition does not improve, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Coryza in the cat

It is also called the "cat flu". As its name suggests, this disease is more "serious" than the common cold. At least more worrying. The coryza is not treated. He anticipates himself by means of a vaccination . If your cat is not vaccinated, he could catch it during his life because it is a very contagious pathology.

What is the coryza?

It is a viral disease that causes a kind of flu in your cat, sometimes leading to death . In fact, it is the assembly of 3 viruses that belong respectively to the family Herpesviruses , Caliciviruses and Réoviruses that makes it so powerful. Thus, one of the three promotes infection of the respiratory tract and nose, the second causes fatigue and fever. Finally, the third and last is the least dangerous, but will leave the door ajar to other bacteria that can invite themselves into the dance.


They are classic of a good flu in humans, and a cold carabine in your cat. Thus, it will present fever , a serious loss of appetite, nasal and ocular discharge , cough . Your cat may develop gingivitis and therefore have bad breath . All of these symptoms can be fatal to your feline.

The treatment

There is none to eradicate the disease. Once she appears, she stays in your cat's body until the end of her life. She will be able to come back and leave as she wishes, when the immune system of your cat will be at its lowest. And if a very expensive treatment exists, we do not encourage it, because it causes numerous complications for the health of your feline, and in particular a necrosis of the bones .

So, the best cure is vaccination . This is one of the recommended vaccines from the youngest age of your cat, with annual reminders. The products work against the 3 viruses responsible for the disease and protect your cat from any contamination . Especially since the latter can be everywhere. In your garden, in the street, and even inside your home if a contaminated congener comes to visit him.

In summary

Of the many diseases that your cat may have caught in their lifetime, 2 are quite common: colds and colds. The first is more benign than the second, although some complications exist. Above all, it passes in ten days.

The second is tougher because only a vaccination can prevent your cat from catching this pathology caused by the assembly of 3 viruses. Thus, there is no adequate treatment and your cat can succumb.

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