How to find a name for a male cat?

Posted on December 12 2018

How to find a name for a male cat?

Adopting a kitten, or a cat, is the assurance of having a good company for several years. And like any self-respecting living creature, your feline must have a name. He will call him, reprimand him, and especially know who he is. The choice is not always obvious despite the many possibilities. We help you.

What will be the name of your future cat? Before thinking about it, consider adopting it . Then you will have plenty of time (but not too much) to think about and choose . Still, a cat name is like giving a name to your baby . It must be said that most cats can live between 15 and 20 years. A bit like it was your child ...

Above all, it should not be wrong. Because once chosen, a name can not be changed (or with difficulty). So, you must think of several things before deciding:

  • Make up a list of names that have always made you dream.
  • Make up a list of names that represent your desires of the moment.
  • You can release names emanating from your passions (culture, sport, cinema ...)
  • Get out names of emblematic figures of history, as in the time of the Romans, Napoleon ...

Your cat is not registered at the LOOF

Your male cat is not registered in LOOF. So you have no obligation to call him with a letter of departure based on his year of birth. So you can give it the name you want. Nevertheless, we advise you to wait a few days to see his behavior and call him definitively. It's hard to call him "Lucky" if he's just blundering, or "Mimi" if he's not that pretty ... Remember that his name should be short enough to make it easier to pronounce . Avoid a name of more than 2 syllables.

Your cat is registered to the LOOF?

A little history

The possibilities are many, although more limited. Indeed, you owe it to the LOOF which, since 1972, introduced the rule of a letter every year. That is to say, the name of your male cat will start with a certain letter depending on the year of birth. For example, a cat born in 2015 will have to see his name begin obligatorily by L. It can be called "Lucifer" without worry, even "Lemon", but not "Gaspard" or "Tristan". This is an obligation for all cats with a pedigree .

In fact, we must go back to the year 1926. The Central Society puts this system in place for dogs. Indeed, it allows to know more easily the year of birth of the canid, since it will appear with the first name. This rule was standardized in 1972 for felines.

It should be noted that in 2014, the LOOF board of directors incorporated letters hitherto prohibited because of their complexity. Namely K, Q, W, X, Y and Z. Nevertheless, the 20-year cycle has been preserved. In fact, in 2034, felines will be able to carry a name starting with J or by K.

What letter for 2018?

In 2018, you must call your cat by a first name beginning with the letter "O". In 2019, you will have to switch to "P". This year, you can opt for Omega, Omelette, Octave or Osiris and Opy . Next year, you'll be able to switch to names like Popeye , Slipper, even Pedro and Pepsi.

In relation to its characteristics

In any case, the name of your cat should be related to its characteristics . You can get inspired by the color of his coat , his character or even his behavior . Keep in mind that your cat will have to wear this name throughout his life. So avoid "oil" if you think you will not be able to take it in the future. And then, shouting "Oil" in the street can be quite painful.

However, you can also look back in your youth. Owning a cat called Pikachu, Scrooge or Pollux will remind you of memories that may have been forgotten or kept in a corner of your head.

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