How to generate good eating habits in our dog

Posted on April 24 2018

How to generate good eating habits in our dog

Being the dog an integral member of the family, and like one of those members, we must make sure to generate in our dog the correct food habit. Many times we believe that this is not necessary, but the reality is that it is more than one can think.

In the first place we must make it clear to our dog, whatever their breed, that there are feeding times; for this it is fundamental that we ourselves respect a strict and orderly conduct in the schedule. For this reason, if the dog should feed twice a day - and this will depend on their breed, weight - we must respect two schedules in the day to do so. In this way, our dog will know that there are two moments in the day when he will be fed.

There are other aspects that we must take into account when feeding our friend, not only the schedule, one of them is that if the dog has not eaten the dish we have served, the food must be removed. Not only for a hygienic question but also to create the correct eating behavior in our friend.

Likewise, it is important to keep in mind that if our dog eats all the food immediately we serve the same, we must remove the dish and wash it. The idea of ​​keeping it clean is to eliminate any kind of residue that could be in it and that later our friend wants to lick the dish. This last action will activate the digestive system of our dog again, producing an incorrect message and diverting the good behavior we want to instill. We recommend, then, that the plate in which we serve the food is made of stainless steel, to prevent odors from being impregnated. The most important detail to keep in mind about how to feed our friends well is to take into account their age.

The feeding in a puppy is quite different from that of an adult dog and the right food is as important as knowing how much we should give per day. To offer you the best quality of life, it is not only important to offer love but also the special care they need. Feed them well is one of the many keys to take into account to offer our dog the best life.

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