how to give a dog a dry bath

Posted on April 08 2018

how to give a dog a dry bath

If you already gave up because your dog does not want to get into the shower, this may be the solution you've been looking for to bathe without water. The bathrooms are the equivalent dry to dry cleaning of clothes and when women use a shampoo dry when you do not want to wash your hair every day but do not want to smell them and pillow drool.

Giving a dog a dry bath, you only need the homemade dry shampoo recipe . The ingredients are:

- 1 cup of baking soda

- 1 cup of corn starch

- Lavender essential oil droplets

Sodium bicarbonate, like cornstarch, helps absorb the natural oils from your dog's skin, dandruff and grime. These three things are what cause the smell of dog and the smell of wet dog.

Lavender droplets help your dog smell delicious and are also a natural flea repellent.

Put all ingredients in a perfectly clean plastic container with lid. To the top, make some holes with a disassembled or a knife so that it is like a talcum powder. In the yard or in the garden, sprinkle your dog with the mixture. If you do not have a patio or garden you can put your dog in a box or put it in the shower (if it is left). Make a massage with your fingers and let the shampoo stand for about 5 minutes.

Now to remove the dry shampoo just brush your dog. The secret of a good brushing will always be the brush.We suggest using a good brush because besides brushing it, it removes all the excess hair and makes it look more handsome than ever. What is left can be removed with a dry towel.

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