How to give a drug to your cat effectively and smoothly?

Posted on December 14 2018

How to give a drug to your cat effectively and smoothly?

This is the day so dreaded, that of the big M, my cat is Sick and like a good Mother, I must give her her Medicine But I'm not a Magician! It is often said that to cure a cat is to have "an iron fist in a velvet glove". But we too often tend to worry about the gesture and technique, forgetting the essential, "velvet" so that your cat can enjoy this period of treatment essential for good health, without resistance.

Your veterinarian and his team will introduce you

Each treatment is reasoned and adapted to the profile of your cat, feline medicine having significantly evolved in this area. You will have to take the relay home with different treatments that are formulated to satisfy the tastes of cats, to limit toxicity in case of licking or overdose and adjust the quantities precisely according to their weight. Take advantage of the consultation to understand the good gestures , have the claws cut by your vet to secure your handling and remember, you are not alone. The veterinary team, listening to you, can help you technically if the follow-up seems difficult.

The quality of the relationship and cooperation start very young

The equation of a magician: 80% depend on the relationship , the complicity and trust that your cat gives you, 20% for technical gestures and good tips . So take your time. Raise any anxiety before the preparations, your cat will not feel the pressure of the moment. Make the administration of the drug an innocuous gesture, unnoticed for your cat, without modifying your attitude and your habits by soft, daily manipulations.

Techniques, the right gesture

  • Tablets
The specific tablets for cats are often very small, elongated, they slide gently on the tongue of the cat. It is therefore recommended not to crush a tablet to try to give it powder diluted in water and not to use some unsuitable human specialties. Let's not forget the cat's toxicity of aspirin and paracetamol, which will have to be avoided.

The ideal hiding places : fibrous rillettes, pasta with cheese, they are very palatable for your cat and mix well in its pâté or croquettes. Other coatings are marketed and adapted to the tastes of the cat to bury the tablet. There is no reason for your cat to spit it out and avoid imposing a forced technique of depositing the tablet in the back of the tongue, even with a few strokes under the neck to "pass the pill".
  • Drinkable solution
Liquid presentations slide either by the commissure of your cat's lips by gently pressing on the device to allow it time for swallowing, or on the fingertips, for kittens, who can lick it when the product is not not bitter.

For some outdoor cats that avoid physical contact, you can also place the open transport cage in a corner of the house, away from movements and noises; make it the main post of your cat's daily meal. And why not in height for the most agile! You can then drop the coated tablets in the bowl with his meal without fear and if necessary, close the door gently to take it to your veterinarian who will complete his treatment.
  • Cream applied locally, in the ear or drops in the eyes:

Gently wrap your cat in a comfy towel on your knees, where it can hide and snuggle, ideal for an ear or wound care, while providing caresses, warmth and rewards (treats). The eye drops are deposited gently on the outer edge of the eye by leaning his head on the other side, they flow by gravity into his eye. Do not hesitate to wait between each treatment leaving your cat a little respite .

Give a drug to your cat contributes to its longevity

The good health and well-being of your cat necessarily involves care and treatment throughout his life. The medicalization is a gain of 2 years of average age for cats , the last 15 years. Adherence to treatment is therefore essential. Preventive treatments from an early age are excellent exercises, vermifuge, anti-fleas or anti-ticks, ear lotion, skin hygiene ... to make your hand and make of this moment, a moment of complicity and of tenderness with your companion.

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