How to have a dog and a clean house at the same time?

Posted on June 13 2018

How to have a dog and a clean house at the same time?

Dogs become part of the family, but keeping the house clean with a hairy at home is complicated. We show you some dirt problems and some tips that will help you solve them.

1. Control dog hair loss

  • Comb your hairy constantly , this keeps all the hair dead in the brush , which is much easier to clean and prevents dead hair from spreading throughout the house. 
  • Put a blanket on your bed , this is usually the place where more hair accumulates. Shake the blanket out of the house, one to three times a week, this will prevent the hair from spreading around the house.
2. Keep dog's legs clean
  • Use special cleaning wipes to remove dirt from your legs when you return from a walk. Remember to use wipes or soaps made for dogs, since others usually contain chemicals that end up being licked by your dog. 
3. Prevent dog from going to the bathroom where you should not
  • Use sanitary or washable mats inside the house, these can be easily washed and prevent you from doing your needs anywhere.
  • Use repellents and attractants , these usually come in the form of a spray and are specially made to attract or chase away your hairy from a certain place.
  • Separate the "prohibited places" with a fence . If you do not like your furry to enter the kitchen, for example, simply put a small fence and make this area a prohibited place for your dog.
4. Removes dirt and odors
  • Absorbs feces and dirt before cleaning . The absorbent powder is capable of absorbing liquid or viscous spills of any kind, and it is very helpful to leave the surface clean and dry.
  • To eliminate odors, choose a deodorant spray that breaks the unique acid crystals that are the main cause of dogs recognizing a territory they marked. And that way you will eliminate the smell and prevent you from repeating going to the bathroom in that place.
5. Keep the furniture clean and free of scratches
  • Protect your furniture from scratches , use furniture protectors to keep the sofa protected and your pet extremely comfortable at the same time.
  • Use a short nails , dogs need to be cut their nails regularly, recommended every 3 or 4 weeks. Long nails, apart from being very uncomfortable, can cause pain when walking and damage furniture.

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