How to help a dog with allergies

Posted on April 08 2018

How to help a dog with allergies

Currently it is very common to find out that a dog suffers from allergies or it is possible that your own dog suffers.

A few years ago it was not even heard that dogs could have this condition , so it might suddenly seem that it is a very recent phenomenon. On the other hand, there is a theory that little by little dogs have become more allergic to things, perhaps as a result of the increase of additives or ingredients not entirely suitable for them in dog food.

However, these beliefs are not entirely correct. Although not enough formal studies have yet been carried out, it is believed that veterinarians were not so used to detecting allergies or that many times they failed in diagnosis.

What is a fact is that having a dog with allergies is complicated and can be frustrating not knowing how to help , so we give you some tips:

Know the symptoms that cause allergies

It is important that you learn to detect the symptoms that indicate that your dog is suffering from allergies to be able to take the necessary measures.

Check which substances cause the most allergies

There are some products and substances that are very allergenic and it is very useful to know how to identify them, as this can help you find the one that is hurting your dog.

Change dog food

Many dogs are allergic to different elements of regular dog food. One of the first things you can modify with relative ease is to change from croquettes to ones that are hypoallergenic like these. Get stainless steel dishes There are many reports that some dogs are allergic to plastic dishes. For this reason, if you had used plastic dishes with your dog, we recommend you do the test and replace them with stainless steel ones like these .

Go to the veterinarian to give you treatment options

If you suspect that your dog suffers from allergies, be sure to visit your trusted veterinarian to suggest what treatment to follow and even help you determine what is the substance responsible for your dog's allergy.

Consider using alternative therapies as a complement

To complement the treatment that your trusted veterinarian sends you can include some alternative therapy , as is the case of Bach flowers or biomagnetism, which have had good results in cases related to allergies.

What other recommendations have you followed with your dog with allergies? Tell us in the comments.

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