How to improve the relationship with our dogs?

Posted on June 28 2018

How to improve the relationship with our dogs?

As in all relationships, the one we have with our furry ones must be worked and procured. However, unlike relationships with other humans, we are the ones who are aware that a relationship with our puppies is being generated, that is why we must know how to promote this union. It is important to create a bond with our furry as soon as possible, to build trust with us and avoid being ignored. That is why we now bring you some recommendations to improve relationships with our dogs.

Quality time
All relationships consist in being for each other, both to enjoy and to share experiences. The time that is shared with our furry ones will help that the relationship between both becomes stronger; try to find time to have fun with him.

Why is communication with our dogs important? Simply because confusion is the main enemy in relationships, and especially with our furry ones because they understand more of what we do than what we say. That's why when you're educating your dog you have to pay attention to the movements and actions you do with your furry so it does not get confused.

Reaches your heart through the stomach
The easiest way to get to the heart of your dog is for food. Prepare or give food that is tasty and nutritious to show you that you care. Remember that dogs also have tastes for certain foods, know them and find which foods hurt them so that they do not eat them.

Train it
Training our furry friends will help improve the relationship with us and with other people, since being educated has more freedom, both outdoors and inside the house. Try not to punish him so much, we want a relationship of love not a relationship created based on the fear that our dog will have us.

Know it
It is important to identify what are the signs of behavior of our furry, know when you are anxious or scared. If your dog knows that he can count on you to protect him, his relationship will be much stronger. You should also know that if you feel like being with him at a point in your day, do not force yourself, they feel when you are with them for pleasure and it helps them to know that you are a trustworthy person that they can love more easily.

It is a fact that having physical contact with our furry ones helps to reduce the levels of stress in our puppies; caressing them helps them to reduce their heartbeat and substances that cause stress; This occurs because of the generation of the hormone oxytocin or also known as the hormone of love and anti stress. To have physical contact with our furry ones is important to generate a bond, nevertheless also it is necessary to distinguish which races do not like to have so much physical contact. You have to respect your space as they respect ours.

Take care of your hairy as part of your family, only you can create a better union with him and make every moment they share unforgettable.

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