How to improve your dog's breath

Posted on April 11 2018

How to improve your dog's breath

We all love those welcome kisses and jumps that our dogs give us, less, when their breath has a killer smell. If this is the case surely spend the days avoiding at all costs to plant a lick.

There are several causes of bad breath in your dog, although most have to do with the excess of tartar that accumulates in your teeth. However, if it is persistent it can also indicate gastrointestinal problems , respiratory system or some other more serious disease.

Now you're wondering how are you going to solve it? Here we give you different solutions so you can choose the one that works best for you. Remember that if the problem continues you should take it with your trusted veterinarian as soon as possible.


Brushing your dog's teeth is a great way to prevent dental problems and improve your breath. If you have the provision , you should do it twice a week. Use a canine toothpaste and a special dog brush . Most pastas come in delicious flavors and are made to be ingested since dogs can not rinse and spit.

Water additives

If you are sure that brushing your dog's teeth will be impossible, water additives are your best option. Although it is a fairly new element in the world of the canine market, they work wonderfully. These are special liquids , similar to fluoride, that are added to your dog's water . Since they have no color or taste, you will not notice the difference and bad breath will disappear.

Clean teeth awards

This is the simplest and fastest solution of all. These clean chewable teeth are the answer to reduce the buildup of tartar on your dog's teeth. And the best part is that they are made to be chewed and swallowed without any problem. Most have a special shape designed to access all corners of your dog's mouth.

Refreshing herbs

If you are a natural and organic fan you can give your dog cilantro, parsley, even nettle to chew before or after your meal. These herbs have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help neutralize the toxins and contaminants of other foods. They are a great solution to clean your teeth, stimulate your gums and obviously freshen your breath.

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