How to know if your dog is pregnant

Posted on April 17 2018

How to know if your dog is pregnant

Many people do not realize that their dogs are pregnant until they see them already very panzonas or flat until one day puppies appear in the house.

If your dog is pregnant , it is important that you detect the symptoms from the first days so that you can take care of her and help her during this important stage of her life.

The pregnancies of the bitches last on average 63 days and, like human pregnancies, they are divided into three trimesters of 21 days each.

Early signs of pregnancy:

1,Just like women, in the first trimester it is when bitches suffer all the aches and pains that we know about pregnancy, nausea, disgust and so on. Therefore, a clear sign may be that your dog Stop eating or eat less . Not necessarily all the bitches that eat less is that they are pregnant, but if you suspect that it can be, this can give you a clue.

2,Your dog can be very chipi and affectionate. If you think about it, all the symptoms sound the same as women. Your dog may want more love and more love. There are also other bitches that rather want to be more alone and resting. Any change you notice in your dog in his way of acting with you can give you another clue to a possible pregnancy.

3,Less physical activity. If your dog usually does not stop and is a bullet, a change in this behavior can be another clear signal.

4,Changes in the nipples. During the first weeks of pregnancy, the nipples or nipples of your dog will change color, they will become more pink because there is more blood irrigating there, you may also notice a change in size as they will thicken and grow to prepare to produce milk.

5,Take it with a veterinarian. If you are not sure but you have suspicions, it is best to take it to the veterinarian to check it and confirm your doubts.

Once you're sure there will be puppies at home, here are some things you should start doing:

  • Take your dog to a review with the veterinarian to make sure everything is fine and can guide you on how to help and care for your dog these days.
  • Give him the better food possible.
  • Moderate exercise . Do not plan to take her running every morning for hours, moderate walks can help you not get too fat and feel good.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable place to rest . Choose a bed according to its size so that it feels as comfortable as possible.
  • Do not stress it . So, like women, pregnancy is a time when the body must concentrate on doing the puppies. The dogs absorb our emotions so try to make these months of peace and love at home (everyone will do well).
  • Start tothink of friends, family and acquaintances who are looking to adopt a dog. Trusted people that you know may be potential homes for new puppies.

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