How to know the age of a dog?

Posted on May 02 2018

How to know the age of a dog?

A popular misunderstanding is that dogs age 7 years for each year of our regular calendar. In fact, dog aging is much faster during the first 2 years of a dog's life. After its first two years the proportion decreases to 5 to 1 for small and medium-sized breeds. For large breeds the proportion is 6 to 1, and for the giant breeds 7 to 1. So at 10 years of age of a Great Dane, his age equals 80 years while a Pug would only have 64.

How to know the age of a dog?
If you have adopted or acquired a dog whose age is unknown, there are some ways to determine your age. Here are some tips that veterinarians use to determine in general terms the approximate age of a dog:

Teeth: Usually dogs have a permanent denture for the seventh month, so if you come across a dog with clean teeth and white teeth, it is probably about a year old. The yellowish color in the back teeth can tell us that their age ranges between 1 and 2 years, while the formation of plaque at a minimum level could mean that it has between 3 and 5. If you lack teeth or wear is very noticeable we usually He says that the dog is already an old man and will appreciate a special dental care.

Muscle Tone: Young dogs tend to show much more defined muscles given their higher level of activity. Older dogs show a bony build (does not mean deficiency) or something fatter than normal, this given its low activity.

The coat: The young dog usually has a soft, fine coat, while in older dogs it is thick, uneven and sometimes more oily. An old dog may show gray or white spots, particularly around its nose and snout.

The Eyes: Bright, clear eyes without tears or run-off are common in young dogs. Cloudy and opaque eyes speak of a larger dog.

Use this graph to calculate your dog's age:

Older age in dogs
The age at which a dog can be considered an elder varies widely according to its breed. In general, the bigger the race, the faster they get older. For example, the Great Danes can be considered an old man at 5 years of age, while the small Poodle Toy will continue to jump even at twice that age. Remember that not because a dog is already old, it means that a series of diseases and deficiencies is about to come. In many cases an old dog can enjoy many more years, healthy, active and painless.

One of the best ways to prolong life and improve the functions of an elderly dog ​​is by regulating what you eat. Older dogs exercise less and therefore need less calories. Since age decreases the ability to digest and absorb nutrients, high quality food specifically formulated for your needs is mandatory. Excess amounts of protein, phosphorus and sodium should be avoided if the dog already has kidney problems. Almost all the food formulated for them contains less protein levels, but of a much higher quality, as well as the reduction of other elements. The levels of vitamins, zinc, fatty acids and fiber are increased.

Hopefully this information has been useful. Remember to walk your furry ones regularly and give them a lot of discipline and affection.

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