How to make your dog more active and obedient?

Posted on May 18 2018

How to make your dog more active and obedient?

Today's topic : Helping your dog to be more active and obedient. Did you know that it is very important that your dog is active and obedient? Believe it or not, exercise helps improve your relationship with your furry friend and makes us much more obedient. A l Like humans, we need to exercise to be healthy and happy. If you follow our advice little by little you will establish yourself as the leader and your dog will become much more obedient!

What can you do to make your dog more active and obedient?

1. Exercise with your dog frequently. When you go for a run, swim in a pool, walk or take a bike ride, take your dog. They will not only be happy to spend more time with you but it is a great time to exercise with your dog.

2. Take your dog to play places where there are more dogs - like a dog park. Remember that the best dog parks are those that are large enough for us to run freely.

3. Set rules when playing with your dog and make sure they are met (for example, do not let him bite your hand and make sure he does not do it when they are playing). When your dog begins to comply with your rules, it means that he begins to see you as the leader

4. It is convenient to have several breaks when you are playing with your dog. This helps us to keep our attention on our owners and prevents us from getting too excited and losing control.

5. Try to make interesting and short game sessions. Remember to finish them before your dog gets bored. In this way, we will always want to play more and we will continue to obey the rules in order to continue playing with our owners!

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