How to make your dog use his new bed

Posted on April 17 2018

How to make your dog use his new bed

If you just bought a new bed for your dog and you just can not get it to use it , you should know that there are some simple tricks to help you get hold of it faster.

The first thing you must understand is that the dogs are beings of customs and, even if you hated the piece of broken cloth that your old bed had already become, for him it was YOUR bed and the new bed, as nice and padded as be, he does not feel it as his and this is where you can help.

Dogs have a very fine sense of smell , so they have to be loved by the nose . And what your dog wants most in the world is ... you! So the first task is to make the bed smell like you . You can wear a shirt or old socks one night and then put them on your dog's bed . If the bed is good size, you can sit for a while in it (or next to it if it is very small), because besides that you transfer your smell, it will also give confidence to your dog to use it.

Also, you can help him by making him smell himself. So put some of your favorite toys on the new bed. You can also use positive training to slowly put you to bed in the new bed. With a prize in your hand , give him the order to come and lie down in bed . Once you are there, give him the prize . Repeat several times a day for a few days until you feel more comfortable in this space. When you see that you feel more in confidence in bed, you can give him a stuffed toy to make him stay longer there.

Finally, you can use exercise as a support tool. Give your dog a good walk so that he spends all his energies. When he returns home he will be so tired that his instinct will lead him to find a comfortable place to lie down and this is a great moment to finally get him to use his new bed.

Remember that these tips can also be applied in case your dog sleeps in a house or kennel.

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