how to make your dog welcome everywhere?

Posted on April 03 2018

how to make your dog welcome everywhere?

Is your dog going to travel by plane with you? Whether it's a pleasure trip or you have to get on a plane for any other reason, this is a small list of recommendations that will help make your dog the sensation and the spoiled of all and that will prevent people from turning Eyes or complain that it is there.

1. Bathe A dog that looks clean and does not smell like cheese is the best letter of introduction. People who see a clean and fluffy dog ​​will always want to caress it and in addition, nobody can complain that it "smells like a dog".

2. Necklace and strap. Nobody likes to see a dog wandering alone. As much as you find it adorable, you never know what people are afraid of your dog and may feel threatened if they see it loose.

3. Do not let it bark a lot. Yes, a bark here and there is normal but if your dog barks down, do not be the owner who feigns insanity. Take some prizes and try to relax it so that it is not a pretext for people to complain.

4. Obey the rules. If they ask you to keep it in your transporter, put it there. Do not make yourself haughty or want to skip the rules. It is easier for your dog to pass there and it is safer for both.

5. Help him if he is very nervous. There are natural remedies that can help your dog calm down and not suffer so much travel. These awards can be an excellent assistant to solve the problem.

6. Keep calm. Dogs are sponges and as we have already told you, they can synchronize their hormones with ours to be in tune with our state of mind. If your dog detects that you are anxious or afraid, it is more likely that he absorbs that energy and becomes equal.

7. Fasting. The worst that can happen is that your dog wants to go to the bathroom in the middle of a flight. There was already a case of a dog that got pooped and forced the plane to make an emergency landing. Do not give your dog food at least 12 hours before the flight and also restrict fluids so he does not want to pee.

Do you have any other advice? Do not stop sharing it.

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