How to prevent your dog from barking?

Posted on November 15 2018

How to prevent your dog from barking?

To reduce a dog to silence is unnatural, counterproductive. Barking is the hallmark of our canid friends, but it becomes difficult to bear and manage when barking is too frequent. How to alleviate this behavioral disorder?

There is nothing more natural for a dog than to bark . It is, indeed, in this way that he expresseswhat he feels. He shows his joy during the reunion, his excitement during the game , his distrustwhen he detects a suspicious movement, his hunger or his frustration . The barking become problematic when they are frequent .

They are a nuisance for both the landlord and his neighbors , which can sometimes lead to neighborhood conflicts. The problem arises especially during the night or when the animal is alone at home. Here, it is not a question of totally preventing the dog from barking, but rather of making sure that his barking does not become a source of inconvenience.

Why is the dog barking?

Before attempting to reduce dog barking, it is important to try to understand the reasons that may drive him to do so. Barking is a completely natural behavior in our four-legged companions. It can come from a variety of causes.

The dog barks, indeed, when he is excited while playing, when he is happy to see his master again after the absence of this one and whatever is the duration. He also barks when he is hungry or frustrated. There is also the barking alert , which occurs when the dog detects what he considers to be a suspicious movement. Barking also allows him to mark his territory and communicate with his entourage.

Fear, anxiety and boredom are also part of the feelings that drive him to bark excessively. The response to the nuisance barking of dogs therefore depends on the events that cause them.

Stop the received ideas

Once the reasons for these barking have been identified, measures should be put in place to reduce them. There are some things you should not do , however, often recommended.

To begin with the wearing of the anti-barking electrical collar . This device can be painful for the dog, and make it fearful , even aggressive . In addition, he did not demonstrate his effectiveness relentlessly.

The punishments disproportionate and cries are not either of the commendable attitude when the dog barks too much, on the contrary. These reactions can, indeed, be perceived by the animal as systematic responses to its barking , which are often emitted to attract the attention of its owner. Ignoring them is therefore the best thing to do, as long as we are sure that they are not used to signal a danger or a vital need.

Good habits to adopt

Make sure that your dog enjoys good living conditions : a safe and comfortable place where he can spend his days and nights, fresh water at his disposal, sufficient physical and mental stimulation during the day, a toy to chew, etc. A healthy and happy dog will be less inclined to bark right and left.

If the dog barks a lot in the absence of his master , it is advisable not to answer his barking as soon as he comes home. Just wait a little, the time it calms down , before going to him. It will also be used to stay alone .

For this, we can apply the method of false starts by waving the keys or putting on his coat, for example. These gestures, which are associated in the dog's mind with an imminent departure , are to be repeated several times a day and at different times, but without leaving the house. Gradually, the animal will not be so agitated when the owner prepares to leave home. If no improvement is observed, we can always turn to a dog behaviorist to overcome this problem.

Some tips to stop him from barking ...

  • The distracted : he barks a lot in your presence, be sure to distract him by ordering him, for example, to fetch his ball or lying in his basket. Reward him when he obeys by giving him treats.
  • The water pistol : a small jet of water can be enough to calm a dog that barks too much, even several. Of course, it is useless to spray it long after barking; he will never make the connection.
  • The necklace Lemongrass : This bark collar is equipped with a spray that emits a citronella smell - not very popular with our 4 legged friends - every time the dog barks.

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