How to prevent your dog from getting lost?

Posted on June 21 2018

How to prevent your dog from getting lost?
The feeling of losing your dog is indescribable and it is a horrible pain. You spend moments of despair, nervousness and uncertainty in the blink of an eye. To prevent this from happening, we leave you some tips that will be very helpful to keep your furry safe and always by your side.

1. Use GPS and QR devices:
Technology is one of the best tools to take care of your hairy. Using a GPS locator (Global Position System) you can track the location of your dog at all times. The GPS is placed on the dog's collar and you can track your dog's internet (or phone) at all times. In fact, most products of this style allow you to create a virtual geofence in which you send a notification when your dog leaves that fence.
2. Always use a collar and leash when going out for a walk:
When you go out with your furry one, make sure you always wear your collar and leash, because if it is loose, any distraction can cause your dog to run away and run the risk of losing it of sight and miss or that someone with bad intentions takes it.

3. Use an identification plate:
The identification plate is basic in case you get to lose your dog. Carrying your contact phone and the name of your hairy makes it easy for a person to communicate with you in case you lose sight of your hairy and someone else finds it.

4. Train him to identify sounds:
If your hairy is used to a call of yours or to a sound that relates it to you, it will be more likely that he will return to where you are in case you lose sight of him. However, this requires training for your dog to get used to it.
5 . Try to take walks with your dog in familiar and safe areas:
Your dog can learn the way back to your home as long as you recognize it. For this reason, it is advisable to take him for a walk in the surroundings of your home or frequent areas so that he becomes familiar with them and it is easy for him to move back in case you lose sight of him.

These are some measures that will help your furry stay safe inside and outside the home and their walks are calm and happy. If they are of help, comment on the one that most convinced you to apply it.

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