How to prevent your dog from running away?

Posted on November 18 2018

How to prevent your dog from running away?

Between worry and anger, during the duration of the fugue, and the relief when the dog is back, his family goes through all imaginable feelings. What can be done to stop his dog from running away? Here are our tips.

Your dog has a tendency to slip away from the house only to return several hours later? Before you ask how to prevent it, try first to identify the probable causes of this behavior. Only by knowing them can you find the right solution.

His hunter instincts take over

There is a tendency to run away with many types of hunting dogs. For example, the Braques , Spaniels and Setters among them.

The hunting instincts are still very pronounced in these dogs. So, as soon as they have the opportunity, they naturally start hunting for game. This is the kind of problem that homeowners living near wooded areas or in the countryside face.

In hunting dogs that tend to run away, early learning of the booster is essential. If you are dealing with an adult, it is equally important to teach him or her, even if it will take longer. Several months may indeed be necessary in this case.

The master will also have to inspect the fences and accesses of his property to detect faults and correct them to prevent further runaways.

He feels excluded

An animal feeling isolated from a group will necessarily seek to move away, if only temporarily.

If, at home, the dog does not feel involved in family life , if he feels neglected , he will be more likely to want to run away. If his master takes him for short walks or does not do it at all (this is particularly the case with some homeowners with large gardens), this feeling of being abandoned is reinforced.

The solution is to give him more time, to give him some interest and to avoid boredom by taking over. By making the exits, the moments of play and complicity longer and more frequent, the dog will be much happier and less inclined to want to escape.


It is very difficult for a male to resist the signals emitted by a female in heat in his area. Following his instinct, he leaves the house to try to join her and undertake a mating .

In this case, castration or hormonal treatment administered by the veterinarian is required.

The anti-fugue collar for dogs

If none of these measures were enough to prevent the dog's escapades, it is possible to use an anti-fugue collar . It is a device consisting mainly of a long antenna wire and a radio transmitter to attach to the collar of the animal. The antenna wire is deployed and buried to delimit the perimeter within which the dog can evolve. When it approaches the limits thus established, a signal (sound and / or vibratory) is emitted. If the dog continues to approach, a small electrostatic discharge makes him understand to stop.

There are also GPS devices , along with their mobile apps , that alert the owner via their smartphone as soon as the dog gets closer to the limits or crosses them. A geolocation system embellishes everything.

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