How to prevent your puppy from biting

Posted on April 16 2018

How to prevent your puppy from biting

If you have a new puppy and has begun to bite everything in its path, do not worry or get mad at him, and better follow these recommendations so that little by little you can modify this annoying habit.

The first thing you must understand is that for puppies it is normal to bite things for two reasons: first, to relieve the itching they feel when they lose their milk teeth and, secondly, because they begin to explore the world.

However, because your dog will live with humans, it is best to teach him that there are things that are out of reach of his bites, such as your hands, clothes and other objects that are only yours. Therefore, there are two fundamental things you must do: show that there are limits when you bite and channel your urge to bite.


Believe it or not, teaching him that human skin is sensitive and out of bounds is very simple . And, for this, you have to resort to who instilled the first habits your puppy: his mother . Bitches play with their young and never allow them to bite too much. How do they do that? When a puppy bites her too hard, she will scream to indicate that she felt pain and stop playing with him.

Afterwards, the puppies themselves learn the method and when they play between siblings they will follow the same technique to regulate the "rudeness" of the game.

And yes, you guessed right, we recommend doing the same with your puppy: if it bites you hard, shout it and immediately stop the game for a few minutes. Later, you can continue playing, but repeat the same steps each time you get hurt. Soon, you will learn to regulate the strength of your bite.

Carnazas, toys and prizes

The next step is always to channel your desire to bite , so have on hand fleas , toys that are safe and prizes , all according to the size of your dog. When you see it biting something you should not, distract it with a prize or toy and give it when you have released the object that should not touch.

It is also important that you do not motivate him to bite, that is, do not play directly with your hands or fingers near his face , as you will impel him to continue doing it. We recommend you to play with him things that do not have direct contact , such as bringing the ball or " stretch and loosen " with a rope toy, for example.

And, of course, try not to leave anything that you consider valuable to your dog, because it is very possible that you end up biting in what your puppy learns these lessons.

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