How to protect your cat from heat

Posted on April 26 2019

How to protect your cat from heat-WOPET

Summer will quickly arrive and, with him, the first big heat. More and more, heat waves are settling and we are all looking for a corner of shade and fresh water. Your cat is not a case apart. He too needs to refresh himself so as not to have a hot shot. Our tips for a cool summer.

What is its resistance to heat?

Like the cold, your cat will endure more heat than you . Its body temperature is 38 to 38.5 ° C, which is greater than ours, its tolerance threshold is intended to be higher. Your cat does not sweat contrary to the human, or only at the pads where the sweat glands are located. Those that produce sweat.

To withstand the heat, your cat will gasp . He will especially clear more rest period , where he will sleep. He will rest his body and preserve it with a stroke of heat.

In addition, your cat has a urinary system that provides better water retention .

Your cat will also wash more during hot weather. The saliva deposited on his coat will evaporate but especially to refresh your pet.

How to improve the comfort of your cat?

Your cat supports the heat perfectly. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to take some precautions to facilitate this period rarely amusing for him as for you.

So, do not hesitate to place it in a cool room in your home. You can place a fan even though it might get scared. Be careful though that it does not catch cold. It would be a shame.

You can also trim your cat's hair , while making sure not to cut it too short. Indeed, the hair also protects your cat against heat and against the sun's rays.

Your cat may be overweight. If this is the case, he should suffer more than others during periods of heat. It is therefore necessary to impose a regime to follow.

Finally, avoid getting it out during the hottest hours of the day, and especially between noon and 4 pm.

Give him water!

Make sure your cat's water bowl is always full. Do not hesitate to drag him an ice cube inside so that it is always fresh enough. This will help him in managing his day.

Some precautions to take in the summer

Avoid placing your cat too close to a fan . This could trigger some eye problems such as conjunctivitis . If you opt for air conditioning , be careful that the temperature difference between inside and outside is not too great. In the opposite case, your cat could suffer from a pathology in the respiratory tract.

A hot shot?

A warm stroke in a cat can happen. In this case, it is a significant increase in body temperature.
  • His gasping will be quite marked and the respiratory rate will increase.
  • A strong salivation will accompany his panting, which will participate in his dehydration.
  • The blood will accumulate in the brain, favored by a dilatation of the vessels . As a result, a cerebral edema is created which could offer motor difficulties to your cat.
  • Your cat can convulse.
  • Death can be a consequence of this hot stroke.
The first reflex to adopt is to place your cat in a cool place to lower the temperature of his body. Give him fresh water . Call your veterinarian who will advise you. The latter will surely perform an infusion to rehydrate your pet. He may administer corticosteroids and will perform some tests to check the motor skills of your companion.

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