How to protect your cat from the cold?

Posted on January 01 2019

How to protect your cat from the cold?

Winter is coming and you are worried about your cat's health in the event of a cold snap. An open window, a draft, or your cat who is leaving your home to enjoy the cool winter ... Discover how to provide a warm winter to your cat.

Rest assured, your cat is much more resistant than you to the cold. Already because of a body temperature of a good degree higher than the human (38.5 ° C), but also because of reflexes conducive to warming the legs and coat as soon as the cold is felt, d as much as it enjoys a rather thick undercoat.

Cold resistance depends on the way of life

It goes without saying that if your cat is used to staying between the 4 walls of your home, its resistance to changes in temperature will be less. At the base, a cat does not appreciate going from hot to cold in an instant . It is also recommended, if you make him take a bath, to dry well with a towel and leave it in the heated room before going out.

On the other hand, if your cat is accustomed to frolicking in the nature that it sells, rain or snow, do not worry. Just make it easy for him to get inside.

Clean the pads

The cold and the snow can have adverse effects on the pads of your cat, particularly sensitive. Take a towel and wipe your cat's paws. If necessary, pass them under warm water.

Sleeping arrangements

Although your cat usually does not like the change, it will not be against a bed closer to a heat source , especially in extreme cold weather. You can also add an extra quilt.

Change the diet?

If your cat does not go out more winter than in other periods, you do not need to change his diet .

On the other hand, if your cat is going to go outside, then it will need more protein . So increase the daily ration very slightly . You can also add other foods like fish.

Your cat must drink

To cope with the cold, but also the heat produced by the radiators of your home, you will ensure that your cat is not dehydrated .

If your cat is eating and drinking outside, make sure the bowl is not frozen.

Some precautions to take in the winter

Your cat has just come out and gets wet from the snow or the rain:
  • You must dry it quickly to prevent it from getting cold.
  • You must then bring it to a heat source .

If your cat accidentally gets colds or small swellings that are characteristic of the pads or tail, consult your veterinarian immediately.

A cold snap?

If your cat coughs, it's sure he's caught cold. A simple cold? To find out, consult your veterinarian. He will be best able to define your cat's disease.

In addition, before the winter period, do not hesitate to carry out a routine check at your vet. It will tell you if your cat is able to spend the winter without worry, and if it is recommended to take it out in extreme cold.

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